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This test was accomplished using a Testo 540 light meter, under continuous operation. The lamp is a Lights of America model number 2004LEDDL-35K-24 purchased at Walmart for $16, using a cluster of 60 5mm LEDs on a plastic enclosure with an Edison socket. The approximate scale of the product is a long R20 lamp configuration – although the length to the illuminated tip of the lamp is far too long resulting in a portion of the lighted elements projecting from the trim of a regular downlight. The initial light output at the beam center is approximately equal to a 45W R20 Flood lamp at 549 candelas. However, this drops off very quickly, (more…)

5mm LED

The 5mm LED was the first widely used LED source.

The 5mm LED has been around for a very long time. Containing a single LED die (chip) and no thermal management beyond the lead wires, these devices are low in cost and available in a range of colors, including white. Optical control is very limited. At very low power levels, these devices serve as instrument lamps, indicator lights, and are often clustered to create arrays for signage, effects, and signal lamps. These are the small LED “lamps” found in virtually all low quality and novelty LED products.

For general illumination, where demands for significant lumen output, long service life and consistent color and lumen output are necessary, the 5mm LED is simply inadequate to the task. (more…)