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Here’s proof that I was actually at the show, my 30th annual from the days of Light World to Lightfair, but the first time captured live on You Tube… ahhhh progress.

They asked what I thought about what I was seeing… so I shared. I know, completely out of character for me, but we must all stretch ourselves at times.

This was part of a series of short interviews that Molex was posting during the show. Take a look at the rest HERE. Take a look at the Matt Thomas interview with Illumitex’s new light sources, way cool.

After 6 months of work, Architectural SSL magazine has launched its blog on Solid-State Lighting. As the administrator, my goal is to explore project examples, commercial products, scams, and current events not covered elsewhere on the web. The site is called “SSL Interactive”, and has opportunities for manufacturer sponsorship.

Take a look! SSL Interactive



My first LED lamp - Almost too easy


The light pattern worked surprisingly well considering the Frankenstein nature of the lamp.

In the process of retrofitting lighting into new and existing designs, I come across particularly problematic situations that no products on the market seem to exist. The most recent was a single head pedant I needed a light source with a light pattern somewhere between an old R20 spot and a PAR20 Flood, at around the R20 flood light output. The fixture was designed around the R20 and its soft beam.

I tried a couple commercial R20 LED products, and found them all to be too harsh and splashy, and too narrow in distribution. So, I figured, how hard can this be? I was impatient and tired of buying stuff that don’t work…

Igor! gather me up some parts!