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These are PAR Lamps available at a wide range of on-line retailers.

These are PAR Lamps available at a wide range of on-line retailers.

Ideally, reviews here should be of specific manufacturer’s products so specific claims can be attributed directly to the point of origin. Unfortunately, this is impossible when the manufacturer is concealed behind retailer identities. In the case of these three products, there is no marking on the products to indicate their origins, nor are they UL or CSA approved. This means the claims of the retailer are all that are offered, with no supporting data.

This is unacceptable of course, and is another case of where the solid-state market needs to be more involved in controlling the technology.

That said, because these lamp replacements are widely available, and after having them in use for a year, I offer that they are worthy of mention and at least a perfunctory review.

The lamps shown here are claimed to utilize quality 1W LEDs. (more…)


This under-cabinet light sells for less than $20 in 16" length, is also available in 10" (shown).

This is an under-cabinet light offered through retail outlets, manufactured by GE Lighting. The 16″ product consumes 2 watts, consistent with manufacturer claims.

Available in either 10″ or 16″ lengths, the low profile, attached cord and plug, with integral rocker switch make these very easy to install and use. In the test application, the screws provided were substituted with Velcro strips.

The product light output is adequate only for low light conditions. (more…)