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I’ve experienced lighting directly (as a VP or Director of Design of Design, Engineering and/or Marketing) through 5 very different organizations, and indirectly (as Consultant, contract designer, etc.) through another 7. My roles has always been associated with advancing revenue goals. Over a span of 31 years working with these manufacturers, the diversity of approach has been striking, in both character and realized results. What follows are some observations based on this background.

My philosophy is that growth in the lighting market demands persistent effort on 5 specific fronts. Market intelligence, NPD, marketing presentation, sales channel development, and operational excellence are the common critical areas. The interrelationships of these are perhaps as important as the elements themselves.

  • Market intelligence demands a clear vision of existing position, market trajectory and insight into end user needs, pain points, and future potential demand.
  • Market intelligence is key to NPD focus and success, as well as product line maintenance.
  • Well developed NPD requires great marketing presentation to stand out in a busy marketplace.
  • Without proper sales channel development (internal members and channel partners), the message and NPD deployed will fall short.
  • If the company falls on its face operationally, every other effort suffers.
Backstory Approaches

Every organization I have played a role in has had one common underlying goal – to grow revenues and advance income. Pretty typical. To this end, there were similarities between them: