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Every designer has instances where they want to see a special idea or concept realized to fill a small, but essential need or want, but cannot find a path to see it realized. I know this, as I was a designer that started making things for my own projects to fill this need – which led to the formation of Lumenique.

Custom Frame Mount LED Picture Light

The need for something special may be as simple as a small iconic accent applied to a wall or door, a corporate image piece, a center piece at a corporate entry desk or conference table, a side table or dining table light that functions as accent source of illumination while making an artistic design statement. These are the inspired details that add nuance and depth, that makes a design pop – but are too frequently set aside for want of a source to make them real.

In the regular modern market driven to profit from volume sales, there are few resources for seeing specialty requests satisfied. Virtually no interest exists for one item order with high levels of design or artistic involvement. Engineers don’t do art. Manufacturers don’t do one-off. Artists don’t execute on others inspiration. Lumenique, does all of these, it is in its DNA. I am also a lighting professional, so when the idea involved includes light, I can offer more than those who have no technical background.

One-off Trade Show Kiosk Light

Lumenique is a unique entity that offers both artistic creations of its own that can be modified, customized and adjusted to suit virtually any desire – and bespoke commissioned creations that follow the inspiration and vision of customers. As an artist, I create on my own, and have the facilities to see my own ideas realized. As a veteran of product design, I know how to satisfy the needs of customers, to see their own ideas realized. The combination of these can be magic.

Lumenique offers a pathway for designers, discerning homeowners, and businesses to see their most unique inspirations and ideas realized. I love the collaboration and want to see your visions realized.  I enjoy making ideas real as much as our customers enjoy receiving them.

Custom Side Table Reading Lamp Companion to Ekornes Stressless Chair.

Lumenique utilizes 3D Printing, hand machining, fabrication, and numerous hand-work methods to transform ideas into real, tangible works of bespoke functional art, lighted and unlighted, with special character and of high quality.

The Process

My process for special requests and commissions are transparent and simple:

  1. Share your idea, whether it is a mod of one of my own creations, or something completely new. I keep your request and any shared design details completely confidential.
  2. I will evaluate how I might achieve the desired result, and will provide my initial thoughts, and ask questions, until everyone agrees on what the objective is (concept through estimated costs).
  3. Assuming agreement in step 2., I provide a formal quote with supporting 3D rendered sketch and outline specification. All terms will be included, as discussed in step 1 and 2, including an estimated or fixed delivery time as requested.
  4. Upon formal approval to proceed (as agreed to and outlined, which may include a deposit to cover up-front costs) I provide a final completion date and proceed with the work defined. On larger commissions, I will send progress messages with images, to demonstrate how the project is progressing, so you know that it is on track.
  5. I complete the work, test, pack, and ship it, per agreement.
  6. I follow up and make sure everyone is satisfied, and support what I deliver to ensure that satisfaction is lasting.
Your Ideas are Yours – I Respect That

I do not use customer ideas in my own work creations. The idea remains yours exclusively – unless we agree otherwise up front. I do not submit your ideas or the products completed for awards, publish, or expose the finished work to the public – without explicit written approval of my customers. If you are satisfied with the result, please refer me to others, the exposure is yours to control.

We all have ideas. Getting them into tangible form is where I can help.
Cost Expectations

What might this cost? While it is impossible to say without details, our typical project works range from as little as $650 for a small-scale piece, to as much as $35,000+ for large, or technically complex works taking many weeks to complete. We can break the costs down into services, raw costs, and delivered product if requested or offer a single price for a completed work. If you have a specific budget in mind, share it with us, and we will create a proposal within that budget.

My Limitations are Transparent – I am not interested in “anything for a buck” sales aggression

Will I do everything, and anything asked of us? In a word – no. I will be honest and open about what we can and cannot do with the facilities and resources we have in hand. I have no desire to use our customers as experiments or to take a sale on a hope we can make it happen. When we make commitments to satisfy a need, we do so with the knowledge that we are confident, capable, skilled, and equipped to see that request through to a highly satisfying experience for all involved.

Your Vision Realized

Every designer has instances where they want to see a special idea or concept realized but cannot find a path to see it realized. Until now. Lumenique was formed to satisfy this need, with the eye of an artist and the soul of a designer – who knows what it is like to see special ideas come to life, every day of the week.

The following is the step by step process I use to develop a design or artistic idea into three dimensional reality using modern tools and technology. The images are from a current project just completed, and are not retouched, so you can see the raw process as it progressed.

Creative Process – In the virtual universe
Building the Model
While we once used pens and pencils to create drawings, when the end product is to be produced directly as a 3D assembly, creating designs within solid-model CAD software is a more direct, and more satisfying process. In my case, all sculptures and designs are created in SolidWorks. This includes all components to be utilized, to insure the final product will fit together. This is a highly iterative process, that may entail dozens of attempts and variations, as the design matures and evolves.
At various stages in the process, the model assembly or its parts are rendered to see how they might appear when completed. This affords me insight into proportion, and general appearance that the CAD software is lacking.

Additive manufacturing – AKA 3D Printing – comes in several forms that produce various degrees of detail and part integrity. For most of us, the go-to process is FDM, which generates strong plastic parts at a reasonable cost, using a wide range of polymers to suit many needs.

An early part created using FDM Printing, with minimal post-print processing or smoothing.

FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling, also known and MLE (Material Layer Extrusion) – is a process in which a filament of plastic is heated and extruded, tracing the part and its interior, layer by layer. This is the most common process for making strong end-use parts, made from a wide range of materials. FDM printing is also very cost effective, using affordable equipment. Can produce crude optical diffusers, but unsuited to optical forms.

For art produced by the author at Lumenique, we employ a Stratasys F370 Professional grade high performance FDM 3D printer that can print a wide range of plastics. The F370 is a highly reliable printer, that can generate parts that take many days to produce, without failures or quality issues. There are many lower cost machines on the market, but they are not capable of reliably printing large, high quality parts runs without failing. We regularly print jobs that take more than 60 hours, that consume 75 cubic inches of material. We invest in the equipment needed to support this. Our previous Stratasys printer generated over 900 print jobs, with just 2 print failures in the 9 years we had it in operation.

The Stratasys F370 Printer is an industry leading, high reliability, commercial/industrial grade machine with 4 material bays and a heated build environment.