Social Media Position Statement

Social Media has evolved a great deal from its origins as a tool to reach and reconnect with friends, family, and community. Behind the scenes, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google have engaged in the deployment of algorithms that “feed” content to users in a way that enforces preconceived beliefs, prejudice, and perceptions – in order to amplify activity which, in turn, grows value thru sales of advertising space, and marketing of personal information gathered. These algorithms include psychological tactics designed to drive addictive behavior that delivers users an endorphin response – which occurs when one experiences agreement with their own views. The longer a user engages their accounts, the greater the addiction. The stereotypical image of users so addicted that are unable to look up as they cross streets or interact with people, is not happenstance, it is the intended behavior response of social media software designers. The result is that even the most fastidious users become trapped in echo chamber bubbles, as the rules of the game they are being manipulated by, are only known by the designers of the algorithms themselves.

In addition to the directing algorithms used to drive activity, SM and SE outlets are engaged in significant levels of surveillance of user activity. This information is collected and packaged for sale, and is never deleted or removed, even after an account is closed. In this regard, user customers have become the product without knowing how their personal information is being used.

The view of users that the internet is a free and unbiased venue for information collection, is now obsolete. The current state of Social Media and search engine response ranking manipulation is presenting a distorted view to all users. Further, professionals are engaged in steering clients into processes that capitalize on the actions of SM behaviors, and the bias of search engine ranking, which amplifies the warping of presented information.

United we stand, divided we fall. Social Media and SEO manipulation is now being exploited as a tactic in politics. Those in minority positions who wish to control the majority accomplish this by first solidifying their minority stance around a core message, often based on a lie, or propaganda message intended to create a high emotional state of loyalty. Then, through widespread division tactics, intentionally fabricate confusion, accusations, bullying, misinformation, distorted interpretation of facts, and fallacious logical arguments that divide and stalemate the actual majority – effectively muting it. This has been used in issues of guns, abortion, the minimum wage, ageism, racism, drug abuse, education, separation of religion from governance, the pandemic, health care, same sex marriage, fossil fuel industry defense, environmental destruction, immigration, religious bias, and climate change. In each of these, through the use of SM and 24/7 News Media distortions, the minority has taken control, and what was once the majority is now fractured and dysfunctional. Corporations now use this approach to conceal behaviors that would otherwise be found damaging to their interests.

Hiding behind the 1st Amendment as their defence, SM profiteers, and their most ardent fans, are creating rifts in social orders around the world, and raking in billions as a result to become the richest individuals on earth. Recent high profile “censorship” efforts are nothing more than publicity stunts, designed to deflect attention from the real issue – the exploitation of customers through manipulative design and sale of personal information. Search engine ranking tactics are done without scrutiny, behind the scenes, so have an even greater potential for clandestine manipulation.

Based on these concerns…

I no longer participate in Social Media for sharing thoughts, opinions, or personal views. I will not share my political views, religious views, or any opinion on current events. I cannot change what SM has become, but I can stop feeding it the data it uses to manipulate others. I cannot stop the surveillance, but I can reduce the amount of information I expose to it.

For anyone interested in dialog, please contact me directly by phone, or email me directly. I enjoy a good debate. I do not enjoy being exploited.

Unfortunately, Social Media has so dominated the behavior and attention of users and businesses, that all other outlets for engaging customers have been muted, or are now coupled to Social Media to maintain relevance. I accept this as practical reality forced on business today. Search engines are also another unavoidable reality. For this reason, I will continue to share qualified objective business related technical information, and releases of my work. I have no alternative channel of communication to potential customers, at this time.

If this position results in any concern that causes you dismiss me as a source of art or information published on this blog, I am sorry for that, and wish you only the best in your personal journey. We must all feel at liberty to follow our own path, even recognizing that path is not as much our own as we are led to believe.

In the interests of keeping this statement in proper context, I ask that this not be shared, pointed to, quoted, or included in any Social Media post. I have no interest in any of this being used to spark debate, or be fed to users in any form. Comments are also closed on this position statement, for obvious reasons.