Please Contribute through Patreon

In order that I have the capability to continue to create on a regular and consistent basis, requires I have the facilities, and materials necessary to transform and idea or inspiration into a tangible object.

Unfortunately, the cost of creating lighted art objects involves a great deal of up-front expense on a monthly basis. Equipment, materials, software, maintenance, and the cost of technical components, all cost a great deal that must be purchased and paid for before any work can be completed. Creating lighted objects is an expensive endeavor.

For this reason, I am asking those who find my work interesting, and wish to see it continue, to please consider contributing to my effort. I have set up an account in Patreon, where a small contribution can be made that will help offset some of the recurring costs of creation, in a completely safe environment.

Please visit my Patreon Contribution Page

Every contribution will be greatly appreciated, and will be used only for expenses related to the studio, which includes quarterly commitments to technology partners, 3D Printer maintenance, materials – including 3D print materials, metals, hardware, paint, and finishing consumables, software maintenance contracts, utilities expenses, and costs of abandoned or failed works that were experiments that do not result in a sellable end product. Contributions are not used to pay me, or anyone else, a salary or benefits of any type. All personal income above expenses noted, is derived from works sold and services provided.

You will find a wide range of contribution tiers on the Patreon page. Please, contribute what you are comfortable with. I will do everything in my capacity to make it worth your while.

Thank you to everyone who supports me and my work!