Molex and Bridgelux Take the Big Prize at LF2010!

The Molex Helieon module with Bridgelux array won the “Most Innovative Product” award, the highest honor one can achieve at Lightfair!

As a consultant to Molex on their entry into the SSL arena, specifically on the Transcend and Helieon projects, I can offer that the effort put into understanding the lighting market, and how SSL can be applied within it, has been impressive. Seeing them take the prize was a thrill for me personally, and certainly for the groups at both Molex and Bridgelux. Playing the role of “Lighting Guy” in this group of exceptional electronics and mechanical engineers, who tackle connector problems in everything from cars and consumer products to computers and spaceships, I’ve experienced a development pace unprecedented. The combination of optics, tactile feel, simplicity in application, and potential for further expansion of capabilities, the Helieon is just one more example of what a market leading connector manufacture can do for the lighting market.

In Architectural SSL we’ve continually pressed for modularity as an important and necessary component in the furthering of SSL deployment. In 2010, this appears to be the year for just such development. The Xicato, Cree’s introduction, Philips Fortimo, and GE, along with Sharp, and the GX53 socket for SSL by BJB, and the Helieon, all offer significant improvements in the way LEDs will be incorporated into products. On top of this, manufacturers, such as Solid State Luminaires, have incorporated modularity into the construction of their latest downlights and other products. Modules have finally arrived – with the Helieon taking top honors as the leader of the pack.

The snapshots below are from the show display, where Lumenique fixtures were used incorporating 45 Helieon modules used to illuminate the display.

Author: kwillmorth

I am an artist in lighted objects and product designer.

3 thoughts on “Molex and Bridgelux Take the Big Prize at LF2010!”

  1. Hows your arm feeling after patting yourself on the back so hard. How about taking some space an explain how the product functions and time line till fully available “lightguy”

  2. As I noted in week 14 of 52 design review, complete details for the Helieon module, what’s inside, how it is applied, including technical data and CAD files are available at the Helieon web site: This is the best source for information, and does not require my adding anything here. I have added links in the entry text to the players involved so you can get information direct, rather than translated here. I trust the Helieon content specifically, as well as Molex and Bridgelux, as my experience with these players has shown they are not gaming the system.

    Availablility is now in limited quantities, with full scale manufacturing in process for filling larger orders in the next 30 days. Make contact through the Helieon site for specific details and getting connected with an appropriate sales and information source.

    I realize the blog entry sounds a bit self promoting/congratualatory. It’s my blog, and reflects my feelings at the time of writing, not an objective news forum, so that’s gonna happen at times. I think Molex did a great job, and am honored to be a member of their development team. So, the arm is just fine, thanks for asking.

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