Fade to Black – Update

Having retired from the lighting industry to focus on Photography, this blog has become redundant. Launched in 2008 to explore the topic of emerging solid state lighting technology, which was highlighted in 2010 with the 52 in 52 effort (now 13 years in the rear view mirror.) Over 15 years, this blog has covered lighting technology from my unique perspective, exploring the emergence of LEDs and SSL as it changed the marketplace and products related, as well as product development topics, 3D Printing, and other peripheral topics that came to me along the journey forward.

Since retiring from lighting, my focus has been on the pursuit of automotive and motorcycle photography – obviously irrelevant to the purpose of this blog. Pursuant to these changes, the following are under way:

Lumenique LLC and its web site will continue as the studio for my photography work, which is primarily local to the Chicago area at this time.

Further, I have discontinued creation of lighted art, so the Lumenique Shopify storefront is closed. However, Remaining art inventory and redundant equipment has been moved to the Lumenique site store page.

Finally, on September 1, 2023, this blog site will go dark and the content will be removed, as I have no intention of continuing to pay for its existence, add to it, or pursue lighting topics relevant to its existence.



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If you find any of the content here of interest, I suggest you download it now, or contact me for copies of materials presented.

Use the contact form below to send a message or inquiry directly to me.

I wish everyone in the Lighting Industry my very best. I enjoyed a long and interesting career there.

Best regards,

Kevin Willmorth

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Photographer and Artist

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