Stratasys F370 3D Printer for Sale

Stratasys F370 FDM Printer package for sale. This is a complete package of printer, accessory print heads to print PLA, ABS, PC/ABS, ASA, and flexible TPU materials. Can also print the latest ABS/Carbon Fiber material.

Operates from a standard 120VAC 15A outlet, and requires no special ventilation or other accommodation. Machine makes no noise when idling, and very little when operating (I sit next to it in all operating modes in a closed office space with no issues.) This is a very friendly, hyper reliable, flexible use machine, and is top of the line for model making, prototyping, and small production run uses.

The machine has been serviced and under constant contract with annual PM completed on schedule. Has been operated in a temperature and humidity controlled environment since new. Package also includes soluble support removal tank and line protection UPS power supply, materials, and current maintenance contract paid from Nov 2022 to Nov 2023. Everything includes works perfectly and is ready to put into service immediately.

This machine can be operated from either Insight (Stratasys premium industrial slicing utility) or GrabCAD, and included Control Center for the printer itself. Very easy to learn, extremely reliable printing.

Located in Elgin, IL

This can pe purchased direct from my studio store at: Lumenique Store

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Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

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