Stratasys F370 3D Printer for Sale – Special Offer NOW!

Due to changes in business activity, I find I have redundant equipment available for sale. In this case a 3D printer that has far more capability than I need for the work I am asking of it.

This is a Stratasys F370 FDM Printer. First put in service in March 2020, but used infrequently due to a shift in business focus.

This package offers (not to be separated) the printer, accessory print heads to print PLA (with cooling module included), ABS, PC/ABS, ASA, and flexible TPU materials. This printer can also print the latest ABS/Carbon Fiber material, when the appropriate print head is purchased (not included).

Operates from a standard 120VAC 15A outlet, requiring no special ventilation or other accommodation. Machine makes no noise when idling, and very little when operating, so can be placed in an office environment. This is a very friendly, hyper reliable, flexible use commercial level machine – top of the line for tool holding and fixturing, model making, prototyping, and small production runs. Very easy to learn, extremely reliable printing, high quality end products using a variety of materials from elastomers to rigid plastics. Support material can be removed with soluble support clean station (included) or manually by breaking away.

The machine has been serviced and under constant contract with annual PM completed on schedule. It has been operated in a temperature and humidity controlled environment since new. Package includes soluble support removal tank, and a selection of materials. Everything included works perfectly and is ready to put into service immediately.

This machine uses process files generated by Insight (Stratasys premium industrial slicing utility) or GrabCAD, and included Stratasys Control Center. Software is free and upgrades are free over the life of machines under service contract. Software copies are included for setting machine up initially.

Located in Elgin, IL, local pickup only. Original pallet and packaging for protection during transportation is included. Any shipping or transport arrangements of any kind are the responsibility of the buyer, as is liability for any damage in transit.

Closing Special Offer

The following is a breakdown of the final offer available for this machine, FOB Lumenique, Elgin, Il.

F370 Printer with standard accessories kit$ 34,000
DT3 Clean Station support removal system with supplies kit$ 800
(1) PLA, (2) TPU Print heads, (1) Std prints heads$ 2,000
ABS, PC ABS, PLA, TPU, ASA, QSR materials (full and partial)$ 700
Model bases and other related miscellaneous accessories$ 150
Grand Total $ 37,650

Can accept credit card payment with an additional 2.5% processing fee ($941). For buyers with sales tax exempt certificates, there is no sales tax involved. For personal buyers in Illinois an Illinois sales tax of 6.25% ($2,353) will need to be collected. No other processing or preparation fees are involved in this purchase.

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