Lumenique Turns 25

Signs of aging – taking inventory of things.

The main web site has been live since 1997, making it 25 years old. The name itself is another decade older.

While Lumenique has always had its roots in lighting, it took a left turn in the late 1990’s into some automotive interests, as well as a few art moments, while I was engaged with lighting companies doing design or marketing (Visa and Kim). When that period ended it returned to represent my Consulting business starting in 2006, with the addition of artworks created that incorporated light (and some that didn’t, as well as some graphics work, etc.). The transition to art interests was made in 2020, and will continue there for the foreseeable future, with growing content on photography as that work evolves.

A nostalgic look at an approach on the main site. I call this the lime green era.
During the Kim Lighting Years (1997-2002) I used the Lumenique site to discuss and offer products for various track day enthusiasts. In this case, a strut tower brace for the BMW M-Coupe in 1999.

This LumeniqueSSL blog has been on line for 15 years now. It started with entries about the emerging technologies coming of age in 2007, where I expanded on ideas I was writing about for Arch SSL magazine, and experiencing while testing parts and helping lighting manufacturers get into LEDs. This led to the 52 in 52 through 2010, which coincided with the ArchLED show that ran 2008-2010. Since then it has evolved through the various changes in my business and my various pursuits in Lighting. It became more about my art interests over the last 3 years, yet still has new lighting content.

My first 52 in 52 product utilized AC powered LEDs and is still in use today on a daily basis.

Perhaps the apex of focus on the emergence of the LED era for Lumenique started with the first of 52 products in 2009.

For a short time in 2011, I attempted to push for an approach to regulating current in LED products to extend life and stabilize lumens as priority to avoid losses as systems aged. It was called Lumenpriority.

Conventional fixed output performance in energy use and lumen maintenance over time
Lumenpriority impact on power use and lumen maintenance over time

For whatever reason, this was ignored, but versions of it were attempted by others later on. Seems a shame we don’t employ this to solidify the advantages of SSL technology in all products.

Logo Transformations

The logo has gone through several transformations over the years. In the very beginning, it was a name with no face, until the web demanded a more graphic presence.

The original web logo from 1997 to 2006, then the green era version from 2007 to 2009
A refresh of 2009, with later addition of copyright registration and LLC integration
Other Adventures in Parallel

Kartgraphix was another business we had running for a short time between 2001 and 2008. It was sold off to make more time for SSL interests.

Kartgraphix did decals and wraps for gokarts and racecars

I even wrote and published a book on karting in 2005

Teh kart book – not on Amazon or anywhere today, viscously snubbed by the New York Times from the best seller list.

In 2008, Tasca Lighting, was created to offer glare controlled, soft shadow industrial task lighting with its own web presence.

This separate site was discontinued in 2019, with the products moved onto the Lumenique on line retail site using Shopify as its core commerce resource.

The Current and Future Effort

My new site at this year was formed separate of Lumenique, as it is a stand alone interest that required a tighter focus for the customers of that work.

Lumenique is now focused on artwork presentation, which includes light art, past works, and all current new works, all made available through the on-line store

The on line store carries Lumenique art, Tasca products, and kwillmorthphoto offerings in one place.

A Little Behinds the Scenes

The origins of the name Lumenique were derived in 1987 from combining Lumen + Unique to reflect my personal interest in creating unique items and long term interest in lighting itself, either as a designer or as a photographer prior to and during various career stages.

What many don’t realize, is that every word, every page, and the vast majority of images,graphics, and objects shown, in all of these sites, are of my own creation. I don’t use web designers, I do all of my own photography, and the bulk of products presented on these sites are either ones I created and produced at Lumenique facilities, or contributed t0 as a designer for other organizations. It’s not a matter of hubris, I’m just cheap. It’s been done under the philosophy that it’s more cost efficient to learn to do things for oneself, than to pay others to do it for a fee. This is, I realize, in direct conflict with my effort to provide others fee based services, to avoid them doing it for themselves… but life is full of these little paradoxes.

I believe that I have, over 45 years time, been consistently grounded in light in one form or another, and uniquely creative in whatever I have been involved with. So, I believe I have earned the brand Lumenique – as it is what I have lived for so long.

It’s also been a grand adventure, to be sure. For this Thanksgiving, I can say I have a great deal to be thankful for.

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