52 in 52 – Week Four Complete

02/01/10 – With a 31 year wedding anniversary on 01/31/10, I took a little break over the weekend.Not like this one did not have its problems…

On Friday, while testing the battery and electrical, I set a lump of metal (the baseplate) on some wires, and primtly shorted the batteries out, which destroyed the driver. Then, Saturday, in the process of loading the  main body with batteries and making the wiring connections, I got the brilliant idea to tamp the batteries down with a plastic rod. Idiot. The reason they were reluctant to go into the tube was that one of the wires was out of position… the result was another short, this time wiping out two of the batteries. After this I redesigned the connections and wiring, no more shorts. Something to keep in mind thow, batteries are always on, even when they are off.

In any case, this one is done. It really looks nice. The body is a bit heavy, between the Delrin material, an aluminum support tube, the heat sink head, and the batteries, it has some mass to it. A little heavier than a big D-Cell Maglite, but brighter and fully rechargeable. The batteries are the same as emergency lights use, so they will last for a long time.

I like the idea of a lamp that functions like a lamp, either on wall power or – unplug the charger and use the lamp where there is no plug or – pull the lamp from its base and use it as a portable light to find your way when the power is out.

On the charger, the light will remain at full brightness for over 9 hours continuously before dropping in light output at all. On batteries alone, the lamp remains at full brightness for 4 hours, which is extended dramatically when you dim it.

The combination of white and polished aluminum is always nice too.

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