52 in 52 – Week Four Kickoff

01/22/10 – This week is going to explore another new direction. How many times have you hunted around the house for that flashlight that just isn’t there? When the power goes, how are you going to find it then? What if that flashlight was also a great looking table torchere? Would it not then be easier to find? If it also included a constant battery charge, maybe even getting its juice from a solar panel – the frustration of finding that precious flashlight only to find it’s batteries are dead vanishes. This week we’ll see if we might solve this, and have some fun with the design of it all to boot. White Acetyl body and polished aluminum seems appropriate. Nice to look at when the power is on – easy to find when its dark.

01/26/10 – Batteries in hand. Had to find a drill bit for boring a 1″ hole through a 10″ long lump of plastic to start to body sections. That’s not a cheap tool, and looks like something from a gore flick. Got the main bodies roughed to size and bored out. Have some material coming today for the base and center shaft sleeve. The plastic I’m using is Delrin, or acetyl plastic. This is food grade stuff and has a really pleasant translucency to it. Unlike modled plastic, this material is warm to the touch and feels solid as a brick. It’s also fairly good to machine, making big piles of spiral strips.

01/28/10 – All the rough in stuff is done, now for the gritty details. Going to have to wait a little, as I’ve got to hop off to Tennessee to do a rough-in inspection of a project site I’m working on. Will get back into it this weekend. Have some cool flat wire stuff coming as well. Got the batteries and charger, 6 2V batteries in series will give me 12V to work with, and 2.5Ah to run the light. That will work out to be around 3 hours at full brightness on batteries alone. The charger is 500mA, so when the lamp is plugged in an running, it will operate at full brightness for around 8 hours before the batteries are depleted, dropping output to the 500mA charger rate. This all seems reasonable. Since the light operates always on the batteries, and any time it is in the saddle, its being charged, this will be the perfect decorative accent for any place that looses power periodically, or where someone wants a bit of security. Hear a bump in the night, grab the light and have a look, this thing wiull put out more light than any flashlight you have ever owned. It’s also a little heavy and built like a tank, so should someone get too near for comfort, it can function as a weighted bat. Now THAT is putting an LED product to good use!

Author: kwillmorth

I am an artist in lighted objects and product designer.

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  1. This is such an awesome idea!!! Integrated design at it’s finest. I can imagine this in workshops all over the country! So far this is my favorite! Keep up the good work! YOu are inspiring us all! Congrats on the anniversary.

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