Behind the Scenes – Art is an Exploration

Art is an exploration of ideas. The operative word here is exploration. This means following paths that are not necessarily well worn, just to see where they lead.

Focus and Development

My collection of sculptural work is a product of developed craftsmanship and process. While many of these have included light sources, my recent works in process do not. Lighted or unlighted, I welcome any opportunity for commissioned work where I can apply the craftsmanship developed over decades toward realizing the desires of customers. This includes art as well as commercial model making.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, I frequently re-visited the touch stones of my past as a graphic artist in the 2D universe – which has includes pen and ink, pencil, marker, and various fast drying graphic, sign and acrylic paints for various graphic works, and the use of computer generated art.

However, to keep my creative process alive and fresh, I frequently explore new mediums. This has included glass fusing, metal forging, and concrete molding. Most recently I have ben exploring oil painting. This is not a medium I felt compelled to work with, as the paints don’t suit me well. They take too long to dry, require too many steps to finish, and involve techniques outside my comfort zone. This is why I am doing it, as this is where you find fresh insight and new ideas hiding.

The works are not intended for sale, nor do I see myself engaging in oil painting for sale. I do not intend to become a master in the great sob-land art world of painting. The paintings carry no pretense or intent connected, they are simply for fun.


Here are the first few paintings and what I had in mind doing them. There are more in process, that I will post when they are completed.

This painting explored the idea of painting a subject that emits light, and expressing that.
The Happy Squirrel is based on a photograph my wife took of a squirrel sitting on top of a peanut feeder she put out fore the Nut Hatches and Wood Peckers in the neighborhood. He had polished off the content, and was mocking the pathetic anti-squirrel hanger above him, which he defeated easily. It was an early morning raid. This is also officially my first oil painting.
These are Schuco wind up toy cars. I inherited the pair from my father when he passed. They struck me as strange, as I had no idea that he collected such things. While I like the toys, having them on display exposes them to dirt, while we don’t really have a place for them. So, it seemed a fitting tribute to create a painting of them -, on a shelf – that is more easily placed and displayed, while the cars are stored safely and cleanly away in their original packaging.

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  1. Kevin , great to see you strike out in a new medium. I really like the graphic simplicity of the Shuco cars painting. I have collected paintings that come from people who started out as graphic artists and the organisation and craft put into them shames most most “modern art” painters. I look forward to see how this strand of your artistry develops!

    Best Regards Kevan

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