Seeking Opportunities to Contribute

I am actively seeking opportunities to provide products and services in support of those in need of physical product creation or design. I employ a strong sense of the need to keep costs low, while realizing the highest level of craftsmanship in delivered results. I am comfortable working for any size organization, and tailor services to suit requirements. My studio facilities employs the tools of a model shop, which include CAD design, high quality 3D printing (Stratasys F370), manual mill and lathe, woodworking, forging, small glass forming, sheet metal fabrication, finishing, wet paint, and dry powder coating.


My experience spans four decades in the following activities:

  • Product, Vehicle, Industrial and Art Photography
  • Prototyping and model making
  • 3D printing for decorative, art sculpture, and prototype end products
  • Lighting application design (retired)
  • Lighting product and accessory design and engineering (retired)
  • Interior and architectural accessory, display, and furniture design (retired)
  • UV cure systems development and prototype building (retired)
  • Task light system design and production (retired)
  • Trade show display design and build-out (retired)
  • Marketing asset creation, Sales Sample kit development (retired)
My Current Focus

While I have held numerous executive positions during my career, I remained involved with creating physical end products for the organizations I was a member of, as an artist, and as a consultant. Having retired from management, I am focusing now on delivering value by putting my passion for creating physical objects front and center.

This blog and the Lumenique Studio web site are filled with examples of work I have produced that I am able to show, including several commissioned work examples .

Additionally, my primary business is providing photography services, presented on my kwillmorthphoto site.

On Offer

These are the services I offer:

  • Photography of products, vehicles, real estate, and artistic scenes of all types.
  • Prototyping, model making, presentation models, and photography samples.
  • Commissioned sculpture, interior accessory, trophy, and display creation.
Value Added

My value to customers combines experiences and capabilities to serve customer needs on a one-on-one basis. This connection allows me to provide the best possible outcome, at reasonable cost, even when the specifics of the request are not fully formed. I am driven by a passion to produce the best possible photographic images of an object or site.

My problem solving skills and experience with 3D printing and other model making processes – derived from hand sketches or CAD models – coupled with attention to finishing, detail and overall craftsmanship in final product form – results in an end product of delightful quality.

Personal Appeal

I ask you to please consider this an open offer, and give me an opportunity to present a proposal to create for you. I believe you will find I will do everything in my power to satisfy your requirements.

Kevin Willmorth – Owner

Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

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