Thanks to Those Who Attended

A special thank you to those who attended my presentation on 3D Printing opportunities for Bespoke Lighting at Lightfair. I enjoyed delivering the course and the dialog that followed.

I am fully committed to assist anyone who attended, as well as others interested, in building their own strategy and approach for integrating 3D Printing into their design processes. This includes answering any questions, or assisting by sharing information and information sources I’ve accumulated over the years at no cost. As noted in prior posts on this topic, my approach is targeted at practical end uses today, for creating unique low volume items, making study and approval modelas and use of 3D printing for iterative processes in design. My approach includes use of accessible technologies that modest budgets can afford. If this is of interest, contact me through email, and I will get back to you right away.

Over the next several months, I will be producing video content that will provide detailed instruction on how one goes about creating high quality 3D printed models that will include the following subjects:

  • Bonding FDM components in ABS, ABS/PC and ASA materials that are as strong as the native component parts
  • Reinforcing 3D Printed parts to maximize strength for heavy duty application
  • Methods for finishing and filling seams and joints
  • Approach to finishing to produce a resulting object that replicates the appearance of metal castings or formed assemblies
  • How to orient and configure parts in the processing software for the greatest success in 3D printing processing
  • Using 3D Printed parts as masters for low temperature metal casting
  • Using 3D Printed parts as masters for silicone mold casting in resins for low cost replication
  • How design specifically for 3D printed objects differs from using 3D printing forend-use objects, vs. use for prototyping to verify design destined for other process production methods

I am also available for more specific project work in prototyping and model building, should that be of interest.

If you attended the presentation and have specific comments or critique you would like to share with me, please send that through email as well. I am always open to receive input that I can apply toward future presentations of value. If you attended the course, please be sure to complete the course evaluation to receive your CES credits. Attendees can also download the presentation handouts at the Lightfair web site.

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