The Village Inspired by Santa Fe and a Drive in the Spanish Countryside

To me, New Mexico architecture is personified by the pueblo and Santa Fe style. I am also attracted to spanish country villages, with their all white exteriors, and collection of forms clustered with minimal formal organization.

Spanish Country Village

On a trip to Spain, we rented a sports car to drive the roads that wind through the hills of the countryside. On this tour, I was stuck by the cleanliness and simplicity of the dozens of small white villages settled into the hill sides and valleys.

Santa Fe Style, glowing from within

Being from the West, and living in the Southwest as a designer, I became enamored with the contemporized Santa Fe style. There is something warm and inviting within the blank walls and clean lines of this style. Lighting plays a big role in this attraction for me as well.

The Village lighted object draws inspiration from these forms, with the additional impression of how light is carried from within the villages and forms, rather than washed from the exterior.

The Village Lighted Object

Approaching those country villages, whether in Spain or in New Mexico, the light within creates an inviting and inclusive glow, that draws you into them. As a lighting designer, I avoided the temptation to wash buildings of this style from the outside, as this only created blank lighted wall scapes with no character. Better, allowing the buildings to be expressed by the light reflected from within, adds depth by allowing the facing walls to create shadow and contrast, to the glow from within, inviting and warm.

You can view more images of this on the web site under Archforms Village, including a 360 degree video and additional angles of view. As an additional feature, the object includes an overhang with downlight, so it can provide light for a desk, or as side table reading light.

If this is something you might be interested in, or please share this if you know someone who might like this in their space, purchasing is available directly through the Lumenique LLC store.

Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

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