Time Machine Office Tour – 1987

I ran across a folder containing images of our Lighting Design Consulting offices from Las Vegas. This was when we were deep into the Mirage hotel, as well as a ton of custom homes, and some retail work.

So, I thought, why not recreate what would have been our cook’s tour at the time – had you come by for a visit back then.

For younger readers, there is equipment in these images that you won’t recognize. For those old enough, you will recognize the collection of things and perhaps have a nostalgic moment of your own. So, without any further ado, shall we?

Welcome to the time machine tour.

To your right, is our reception area, where accounting and cut sheet sets are prepared.

The reception desk includes the “Crane” desk light, which utilizes fiber optics in the base and an MR16 for the task light.

Back in the main lobby, to the left is our waiting area, and conference room beyond.

The conference area is where we experiment and present designs to customers who come in. You will see a few lighted objects on the shelf to your right, they are just some gadgets I make to relax.

To your left, we have some Lumenite fiber lighting the wall and pyramid peaks.

Back to your right, follow me through the center hall and active print file storage for projects in process. We usually have between 15 and 20 in various stages of completion in any given month.

Through the center hall to the left is my office, where I also keep our catalogs for ready reference.

To the right of the center hall is design/drafting area one.

To the left of the design area is our blueprinter and archive of design files.

Past the design station, we enter our newly opened expansion area, where we added some needed storage space for samples and files, as well as an additional drafting station to the far left. We also added a private powder room to the suite.

Most importantly, in this addition we created our CAD work area, with full E size digitizing table and pen plotter. Note that that computer, graphics card and monitors cost us more than we paid for the new car we’re driving to work, so we thought it deserved its own parking space.. ha, ha, ha….

To the left of the CAD station and pen plotter is our copy center, and FAX machine.

So, this ends our tour. You can make your way back to the reception desk through the passageway left of the copy center, where you will find the exit where you entered just beyond.

Your time machine is warmed up and ready to take you back home. Meanwhile, we have a lot of work to do and need to press on.

Thank you for stopping by.

Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

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