Inspired by a Tower Observed

The Park object is inspired by an observation tower located in Chřiby, Czechoslovakia. The country has many of these structures for observing the surrounding landscape, which can be stunning.

My inspired take, containing 4 OLED modules and dual dimming control.

The original lookout tower was designed by Jan Smékal and Tomáš Hutyr from the Prostějov company.

The source of inspiration

The actual tower is constructed of steel and clad in wood.

My version of the form is finished in an applied iron with rust patina.

There are more views and details of the Park Lighted Art Object on the Park Page in the Lumenique web site.

This is an Example of Derived Re-Expression

Derived from the strong features of the original architectural structure, creating a lighted object is an interesting way to re-express a shape or form, without resorting to building scale models. This can be applied to any architectural structure that has a dominant and recognizable vocabulary. I would like to be commissioned to do this type of work to bring the exterior of a structure inside, re-expressed on an intimate human scale within the building itself.

If this is interesting, or you know someone who might find this an attractive addition to their collection, please visit, or forward this page or the presentation page above.

Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

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