Lean Objects

The idea behind the Lean Series of Lighted Art Objects is to communicate the general architectural imagery, in a small abbreviated scale that provides an ambient presence when placed on a table. The concept is similar to editing a story down to the least number of words, while still communicating the intended imagery.

Lean Empire

Initially, I created 6 variations that range from Deco to Brutal. These artist proofs are one-off items, meaning these are part of an exploration of the forms, involving significant hand working to produce. Future objects may follow, but these will not be reproduced as they are shown.

The soft light from the OLED panels provides a pleasant reading light, while the dual face also illuminates the wall or surfaces behind, adding to ambient illumination in addition to adding artistic detail to an interior.

Future objects will explore different lighted shapes as well as interaction between light and the shapes themselves.

Lean Miami Style Deco

If you find these of interest, the link to the store is provided on each of the Lean Objects Page. If you know someone who might find them interesting, forward the link to them.

For those looking for a gift…

For those seeking a unique gift for a fan of architectural styles, one of these might be just the ticket. Keep in mind that they are Artist Proofs, so when they are sold, they are gone.

Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

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