An Inspiration from the West

The Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco is a familiar icon of the city. Building started in 1969, opening in 1972, it stood ready to take on the worst quakes of the region.

My take on the iconic pyramid

I remember the stories about its design approach and why the shape was chosen.

My take features the pyramid – but also includes expression of the structural base. with an internal pyramid reflector element. I also created lighted features at the base and exaggerated the expressed elevator core wings as lighting features. The open mid section captures the open and lighted feeling one gets when approaching the structure from the ground level. I also opened the peak section, as a nod to the two lighted window sections.

The Inspiration
The openness and daylight penetration of the base structure

My intent is not to create scale models of structures, but to draw inspiration from them, and create a unique lighted object based on what I see in them.

You can see a great deal more detail on this, scale reference, and full views at the Lumenique web site: 1972 on Lumenique

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Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

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