Exclusivity of Works Offered

The objects created and offered through Lumenique are not production products. Lumenique is the name of my design studio, not a product manufacturing organization.

The following is extracted from my Terms page, describing how I characterize and keep records of completed works.

Provenance Record Keeping

Every product made is identified by a unique serial number code label placed on its base. This serial number is logged into the Lumenque database with a reference image and description, and data indicating the item completion date, and type of work coded (see definitions below.) The unique serial number can also be used to replace a work that has been destroyed – with proof and return of the remains of the destroyed item, on which a quote for replacement will be issued for approval prior to remaking the lost work. For this reason, we recommend keeping a record of the serial number for future reference.

Definitions of Terms Used

Artist Proof – AP
A work that is the first of its kind, that will not be recreated specifically. However, the general design may the basis future objects in future releases or series creation, with changes and adjustments made as the design is developed further. An AP remains a unique on-of item that is distinguishable from all work that may be derived from it. 

Series (PN) of (SI)
A work that is part of a series of identical or series of iterations of items that will be created to the maximum number in the series shown. When a series is completed, the items will no longer be produced. Design elements may be shared with other items of unique character in future AP or Series releases, but the issued series items will remain markedly distinguishable from any future work derived from them. Series run objects will often be less expensive than other definitions, due to the methods used to produce them in greater quantities.

Exclusive Commissioned or Custom Work (CW)
A work that is designed and created with an exclusive agreement to meet a customer demand for exclusivity, or a product that is created that will not be reproduced, or utilized in any way for future works, iterations or derivative work.


Every work completed and offered, whether as a commission, a series, or as an artist proof, is exclusive within these descriptions. No work presented and presented as an artwork will come from production in quantities greater than those stated here.

The identification of a work as part of a series, does not necessarily indicate that the work has been produced in the stated series quantity at the time of release. The designation only indicates an intent to create a series, either from an identified Artists Proof, or from a first in a series identified (1 of “#”). I reserve the right to either complete the series or cancel it at any time at a quantity less than the stated series run.

Any series may be terminated after the first series item at the request of a customer, who wishes to have full exclusive rights to a specific object. This is negotiated privately and will be recorded as such in provenance records.

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Photographer and Artist

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