Building Scale and Reference Imagery

I realize that it can be difficult to determine the scale of objects from dimensions. It’s also a little difficult to see something in an application setting, in scale to its surroundings.

While I have included images of the objects from several views, with background light on and off, and have videos of them in 360 degree views – until now, I have not had any scale reference images. After mulling this over for some time, I believe I came up with a solution.

In order to assist viewers in seeing the scale of a product, and how it might look in application, I am creating scale reference images that will be added to the web site in the next few days. I thought I’d give everyone a preview of what’s coming here. So here goes.

Scale Reference

I decided to use the familiar 6′ human form for scale reference, using an artist’s mannequin for. Between these images and comparing others side by side, one will be able to see scale more clearly than with numbers alone.

Unicycle 2 Scale Reference
Village reference

For applications, I am working on several general environments, to include a bedroom, kitchen island, living room with couch/sofa, living room side chair, entry table, and office desk. I’ll use at least three per product, and add as I need to suit the piece being presented. I have a bedroom setting complete so far. I am leaving the background in grey scale to avoid coloration from interfering with decision making. The only components in the display that will be in color, are the Lighted Objects themselves, in the color being offered.

Unicycle 2 in Bedroom
Village in Bedroom
Share your thoughts

If this preview makes any ideas come to mind, on what I can provide that helps you visualize an object, let me know! I’ll do what I can to accommodate.

I’ll also publish progress on the page updates as I get blocks of them done. I am also going to use the vignettes as I create new pieces. What works for you to see the end product, also works for me in the creative process for visualizing them and imagining them in final use.

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