New Objects 2021 – Artifact 1

This recent work is inspired by the ironwork of the late 19th century. While we see this still exposed on bridge construction today, ironwork is the skeleton of brick structures over a few stories, and for the most part, remains within the skyscrapers to this day.

artifact 1

I’ve always been fascinated by the cold riveted assemblies of a million parts, that come together to create rugged, stiff, long lasting structures. Assuming they are cared for properly.

Inspired by the colors and textures of corrosion and the structures it attacks.

In the case of this particular presentation, I’ve finished the surface in iron and applied a chemical to produce the rust patina, then clear coated it to make it touchable. This is how most iron looks exposed to the weather in the Desert Southwest, where trusswork was used heavily in mining operations. Artifacts of this type stand after a hundred years of exposure.

See web page for 360 degree view and details:

I utilized 7 OLEDWorks panels, with controls split between uplight and downlight, to facilitate tuning the piece to suit the desired appearance in a given space. The light from within reveals details that are a nod to cast works that are of the same era, often incorporated into structures.

I have another work in process inspired by a different style of structure. My plan is to explore the patina of paint failures, which is part of the character of the material in use.

Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

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