Return to Passion

Lumenique was created in 1986 as part of my Lighting Design Consulting practice in Las Vegas. Originally, it was intended to be a design studio, where I could create unique items for customers, including art galleries. I even had dreams of it being a showroom of custom lighting creations. The name itself was a creation of mine, and reflects the intent fully:

Lumen (Light) + Unique (of special character) = Lumenique

Over the years, as I got busy with life, and from a lack of focus (and abundance of youth), I let this evolve into a wide range of activities and offerings, including artwork, performance components for BMWs, and consulting services from product development to UV curing. Lumenique was first put on the internet with a rudimentary web site in 1995, primarily for sharing information, and at times collected dust as I focused elsewhere. Over the 35 year journey, the origins of Lumenique were muddied by active career life that distracted me from where I intended it to go.

That ends now.

New Focus

On November 1, 2020, Lumenique has returned to its origins, and my sole focus going forward. I will be creating and offering artistic portable lighting products of unique artistic quality, inspired by architecture and machines.

New Web Site

The Lumenique web site has already been rebuilt to reflect this new direction.

Link to the New Web Site as of November 6

The new site will evolve as products are added, and we finish the storefront components. In the meantime, I have created an archive gallery with historic designs, and a ready reference guide to the 52 in 52 project, so a visit now will provide an insight into where I started.

New Relationships

In support of this transformation, I have established a relationship as an OLEDWorks Certified Channel Partner. My new designs will use OLED technology from OLEDWorks, either as the only light source, or as an accent source with other LED technology to serve specific functions.

We are listed on the OLEDWorks site here.

In the next few weeks and months, I will post content here on why I chose OLED technology, how it works for me, and what I am doing with it.

I am already in the middle of completing development of the first products to be launched between now and the end of the year. I will be rolling out regular introductions, as quickly as possible, and publishing details here, similar to what I did in the 52 in 52 project, but not on as aggressive a schedule.

New Opportunities

I am also opening Lumenique to including designs and artwork from other designers.

This is open to those with ideas that they would like to be brought to market, with one small caveat – they need to utilize OLEDs we will have available and in-stock for Lumenique products to remain consistent with the focus of our product offering.

So, if you have an idea you think is viable, let’s talk, perhaps we can find a path together to see it brought from paper to reality. This can include your providing the finished product to be sold through our storefront (with a markup and shared marketing costs included), or provide us a sketched design, that we can develop together into a finished article, and we’ll share the profit of our combined efforts accordingly.

The only qualifier is that the focus of all consideration will be on artistic creations that incorporate light, of hand made quality, and very short made- to-order production. I will not be entertaining product designs that demand hard tooling, or large scale production, that suit a commodity level or generic market spaces.

The first step is to make contact and share what you have in mind. We can work through the necessary paperwork to protect both our interests, and begin an adventure together!

New Passion

This is what I’ve always wanted Lumenique to become. It’s been in my mind since it started so many years ago, but never became the focus I wanted it to be. I have worked very hard for many people for decades, and accomplished a great deal for others. Even as a consultant, the focus and effort was defined by others, with my own interests set aside for available spare time.

Now, this is my time to put that hard work into what I have passionate about for a very long time, but denied in the interests of career advancement. It’s time to take that passion, focus on it, refine its result, and enjoy it for all it is work.

At some point you have to ask, “If not now, when?”

Well, that when is now!

This is what keeps me up at night, and what drives me to wake early. I haven’t felt this energized in years!

Author: kwillmorth

I am an artist in lighted objects and product designer.

2 thoughts on “Return to Passion”

  1. Kevin:
    I believe I have known you for “almost” all of those 35 years (a good 30 of them for sure) I recall a brunch meeting in Las Vegas at LightFair (cannot recall what year – many, many years ago!) I have followed you through KIM, VISA, and your own company, Lumenique, which I always thought was such a cool name! I even shipped you that old PEERLESS indirect uplight in hopes that you would reviatlize it with LED. (What ever happened to that?) :-)

    So I heartily CHEER YOU ON with this new venture, hoping you do find the new energy and passion you so eloquently write about.

    My “career path” has taken me on a rather wild ride, where I have wound up OUT of the “Lighting Business” but still connected to lighting through lit handrail systems! Seems we can never get entirely away once lumens have entered our bloodstream!

    So BEST WISHES! Carry on, and please keep on following your dreams. You have inspired me, and countless others through your writing in the various magazines and trade publications, and through your relentless pursuit of excellence in all you tackle!

    Your long-time, long-distance friend and fan.

    Lee Kirby

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