As One Adventure Ends, Another Begins

The Adventure with Architectural SSL Magazine

In 2006, I pitched the idea of a magazine dedicated to Solid-State lighting technology as it applies directly to architecture with the owners of Construction Business Media. After a few pizza lunches and more convincing, they moved to creation of Architectural SSL magazine in time for Lightfair 2007 with its debut issue.

Since that debut 12 years ago, I have participated in editorial discussion and planning, contributed content to every issue with a market setting feature, a closing remarks Op Ed, white papers, judeged products, provided reviews of various products and provided general commentary on the progress of SSL into the lighting market. This even included playing a role in the deployment of ArchLED shows that pre-dated many of the now ubiquitous regional SSL focused events now held across the country. All this has been in the fortunate of the good company of many talented contributors and editors who also make the magazine what it is. In all, this has been an adventure in growing understanding. The goal was to daylight both the good and bad of the emerging of fresh technology in a way that made it more real. Instead of pandering to tech producers and telegraphing their chosen marketing messages – the approach was to be as objective and relevant to those charged with deploying products in application. At times, this required restraint of personal excitement for what was coming, and not being afraid to be controversial – as the ensuing discussion frequently produced fresh results and insight. We also attempted to express real concerns that many were feeling – but were not fully expressing, including calling out those resistant to change itself.

An End

As it is with every grand adventure, my time with the magazine has come to an end. As of May 22, I have resigned from further contribution and participation with the publication.

I wish everyone at Architectural SSL and Construction Business Media the best of luck going forward. I will always consider my experience and the product of our mutual work together with fondness and pride. It is part of what has been a rewarding career spanning 43 years in light and art.

New Adventures to Come

The recent change in how I earn my core living has left me free to pursue a wider range of writing venues, paid and unpaid, covering lighting and numerous interests beyond. It is simply time to take new paths and see where they lead.

Writing is a passion I pursue for the joy of it. The choice to keep it a secondary pursuit, rather than main source of income, has been deliberate. Contrary to advise about “pursuing your passions for success”, not all “passions” should be burdened as work. I have other passions and interests that I have chosen to focus on for sustenance, leaving me free to pursue art and writing on my own personal terms. This is changing as I get older, and may result in these pursuits becoming my exclusive focus. Nothing is ever off the table, which is what has made my career so interesting and rewarding.

Whether future writing crosses the eyes of readers of Architectural SSL in the future I cannot predict. However, I can prognosticate that this blog will continue to be a place I land with ideas, comments, and information to share.

So… Off we go!

Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

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