My First LED Task Light Sculpture – Vintage 2005

This is my very first functional LED task light, completed at the end of 2005. Construction is welded steel. Originally, the main components of this fixture (2004) were designed for a 12V/20W Halogen bi-pin lamp that created an overheating of the lighting head and poor light output. This was changed to (12) 1/2W Nichia HB LEDs (2800k) mounted to PC board with through hole thermal connection to the heat sink, as an experiment and proof of concept for the application of LEDs to provide greater light output for the same or less energy. Light on the task surface was either 70FC or 150FC, with a very wide distribution, as there is no secondary optical control. An aluminum heat sink inside the lighting head maintains reasonable operating conditions for the LEDs (under 60C TJ), while remaining cool to the touch. The horizontal arm ratchets up and down, the red arches are fiberglass springs that tension the ratchet. The parallel link on the head and arm keep the head level when it is adjusted up and down.

This “Ratchet” fixture was my first attempt at an LED sculpture design.

The concept was to expose the electronics (Advance Xitanium with cases removed and the guts inserted into the clear acrylic cylinder housing) to view to date the technology – sort of a model “T” of LED task lighting. Bi–level control provided by switching seperate banks of LEDs. More can be found at: Lumenique Art 1

This is the starting point, and was a crude early adoption of the technology. The exposed LEDs and use of composite circuit boards were not ideal, but necessary due to budget constraints and the overly compact configuration of the head.

The head utilized a custom circuit board with an array of 12 Nichia LEDs, split into two circuits for hi-lo setting. These were mounted to a machined heat sink.

Recommendation rating = 5 of 10. Works well as a functioning art project, obviously notsomething that can be manufactured in its current state without modification to the design.

Actual product performance against author claims = 8 of 10. This product is claimed to be a one-off task lamp that in 2006 produced good usable illumination, exceeding he light output of the 20W halogen it was originally lamped with. Energy consumption (actual) is 9 watts at the plug. This saves over 50% in energy, reduced lighting head temperature, and produces 40% more light on the task plane. The redesign of the light head to include a proper optic would have improved light delivery, aesthetic appearance, and reduced the risk of damage to the LEDs from contact. Metal clad circuit board would enhance heat extraction.

In the very near future, I will be introducing several new original works that are designed specifically around LED sources, to create designs that would be impossible using conventional lamps.

Author: kwillmorth

I am an artist in lighted objects and product designer.

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