52 in 52 – Design 50

While the task light for lathe work (D49) is somewhat limited in its flexibility in head location, for mill machine work, and a task light that can serve for both machine light and adjacent welding table, I needed more movement. In this design I recruited the arm component from a high end drafting light that once held a quartz halogen head that had burned me and gave me sunburns on more than a few occasions – so found itself on a shelf in the basement.

The parallel arm configuration and swivels/tilts at the base and head allows me to put light whever I need it. The head, like D49, uses the Helieon module with customized optics. Note that in both this and in D49, I prefer a single light source over lumps of multiple LEDs. In very tight task work, the light source is often brought down very close in. Multiple LEDs present too much noise in terms of multiple shadows and dots reflected on surfaces to be tolerable. I like a single, large area bright source, as this is easily recognized by the eye, and softens the shadow edges as the light source scale, even when located near reflective tasks.

Another problem addressed here is the potential for killing electronics. Since the welding table is the ground plane for a TiG and MiG welder, I insulated the arm of the task light from the table, and located the driver package at the top of the arm, as far away from any potential EMI as it can get. Of course, there are going to be instances where the light is located near the welding action, so there is a ground wire in the cord connected to the arm, which should help. However, only time will tell of this strategy will work long term, which is why this lamp was put in service right away… today… as soon as it was completed.

And, yes, the shop is a total mess right now. Between closing the 52 in 52 project, trying to get a motorcycle project prepared for dismantling and paint, repairing a crashed Corvette, and the generally frigid weather coming down on us like a pile of ice blocks… I just got behind on the tidiness thing… something that will be resolved very soon, as I’m sick of looking for tools and stuff buried in the mess.

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