52 in 52 – Designs 44 thru 48

Looking at the status of the 52 in 52 project, and wondering how I had come to be so many products short was baffling. It felt as though I had been producing a great deal over the year, yet there was something missing. Then, it was brought to my attention that during the period of heavy trade show activity – Frankfurt Light+Build through Lightfair and then ArchLED 10 – I did not present any new 52 in 52 works here. That made sense, but in fact, there were designs completed in context to the 52 in 52 project, they were just commissioned by a customer at the time. While I initially had these designs set aside outside the context of the 52 in 52 project, they were actually completed as part of it, by request of a customer. Specially commissioned for display use, these are indeed designs, specifically utilizing SSL, exploring the technologies use. Moreover, these designs and the projects involved, included involvement in the displays they were used within, showcasing the use of SSL products.

DESIGN 44 – The Helieon module display used at Light+Build by Molex. Includes one module in the three light distributions and placed the modules at a height that was comfortable for viewing and playing with the modules themselves.
DESIGN 45 – This accent light not only displayed the modules in a practical application, they were the primary source of lighting in the Molex Lightfair display, lighting the floor as well as graphics walls. 24 of these were made, with a few used a little later at ArchLED10.
DESIGN 46 – 4 of these sconces were used on a wall display and to light a work table at one side of the display.
DESIGN 47 – 6 of these pendants were used to light the center floor area of the display and show the module within the context of a pendant envelope.
DESIGN 48 – 6 of these downlights with spot optics were used from a height of over 10 feet, to provide floor accent lighting in the display.

Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

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