52 in 52 – Designs 41 and 42

Design 41

This slender design is intended to be located at the rear of a table near a wall. By selecting a 3 light or 7 lights on configuration, the light generated into the room is changed, as is the light pattern on the wall.

Design 42

D42 is an experiment in an up-light style picture light that is very small in scale, with a glowing presence. With the light source facing upward, there is less chance of the light source being reflected in the art, while the upward light pattern creates a nice ambient light in the space.

Author: kwillmorth

Photographer and Artist

2 thoughts on “52 in 52 – Designs 41 and 42”

  1. Another interesting design, seems it would be good at exhibition halls & trade shows.
    Kevin you’re extremely knowledgable about SSL, do you know if the NIST has finalized
    and implemented the use of the Color Quality Scale metric for measurement of
    color fidelity? I see mfgs such as Lednovation using it and I heard it would become used
    in 2011.Are you aware of its adaptation status ?

  2. The CQS standard is under review and consideration by several organizations. It has not yet been adopted by the CIE, and is not scheduled for implementation at this time. Using this standard alone, without referencing a CRI, makes comparisons between manufacturers impossible, so I am not sure why anyone would adopt CQS at this point. In fact, even after adoption, it will be several years before enough product is presented with the new metric to make it universally useful.

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