33 NPD Thoughts for Growing Companies

After several decades involvement in product design and development, I’ve accumulated a few basic ideas I believe are useful for small product manufacturer businesses looking to build NPD into a driver for future growth. I pulled together 33 thoughts, updated and collected into a small book for anyone interested. Each topic is described in less than 400 words to provide the reader insight without getting too deep into the academics of each one.

You can download a copy for your use below:

Design Ownership – My Take

15339-11575-151222-ceiling-3-lIn September, Elizabeth Donoff or Architectural Lighting wrote an Op Ed titled “Who “Owns” Lighting Design?”. It was a well written exploration of the topic. She pointed to one specific example, a ceiling that Apple now uses in its retail outlets, which it has patented extensively. She uses this as a case for questioning where the line of authorship and/or ownership of a technical solution is, and who owns the end product. the ultimate question is of who owns authorship?  I get the point, and have been confronted with it my entire Continue reading “Design Ownership – My Take”