Notice of Lumenique Name Use by Another Lighting Organization and My Reaction

Posted: July 9, 2021 in Uncategorized

It has come to our attention that a new organization in the UK is in the process of marketing itself as Lumenique.

This not only violates a trademark we own for the brand name in the US market, it potentially creates confusion over a name that I have built over the last 25 years of continuous presence on the Internet.

Lumenique is my trademarked name, covered under registration number 3,925,242. Which can be found at:

Trademark Link

Lumenique is a name mark I created in 1986, by combining the words Lumen + Unique to describe our unique approach to lighting and lighting products. The word did not exist prior to that moment. We utilized the name in 1996 I launched its web site, which has been in service continually since.

This is not the first time I have had someone attempt to use this name for their own benefit, as has been described on the Lumenique LinkedIn page:

LinkedIn Lumenique

I have found that the new offending organization has also created both Facebook and Instagram profiles using this name Lumenique, and have reported this violation to Instagram and Facebook directly.

I am posting this here to notify everyone that this organization is not a part of any entity I own or operate, and it is in no way related to our work in any way. I am concerned over their use of the name, and their marketing messaging of “Creative Lighting Products” on their web site. Regardless of applicability of a trademark from the US on citizens of the UK. the use of this name remains an issue when the web presence they are building and social media accounts, that are not restricted to the same border restrictions.

Thank you for your attention and support in this matter.

Kevin Willmorth – Owner
Lumenique, LLC

Update 7/12/21: The general response received from the UK entity, is that the Trademark is only for the US, and has no standing in the UK, and since they have no intention to enter the US market, there is no violation. They also believe they created the name on their own, with no prior knowledge of the name use over the last 25 years on the web, so did not copy it. Thus, they can legally use the name in non-US markets as they see fit. From a legal standpoint, they are correct.

My personal view on this has been stated and is unchanged. Because they are in the same market space (lighting), the use of an identical name in trade is more than a trademark issue alone.

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