Building Anew is Aprogressing

Posted: July 2, 2021 in Uncategorized

Just a quick update. I have been building product, a web site, a store front, and a business/marketing plan simultaneously. That means a lot of juggling of time. The artistic design guy (me) is holding up production (me), which means the marketing people (me) can’t get the photographer (me) the product images needed by the web site designer (me) to get the web site finished and the storefront developer (me) the proper components to build the store. Not only that, but their seems to be quite a bit of argument amongst these members (me) on what is to be released first, or do we launch everything at once. To make matters worse, the artist (me) keeps looking at the products as they are made and demanding changes be made, and the engineer (me) has been having a little difficulty with getting things to fit into the cavities provided for drivers and wiring.

However, I can say that we all are turning the corner. The new web site for lighted object artworks is ready to fill with objects now being completed in the shop – a total of 16 when it’s all done and dusted. Further, the on-line store is also complete, and populated with many non-lighted products and Tasca products that have been off site for nearly two years, but are now back on line, in addition to several new items that have been completed over the last several months.

Check it out if you have a moment:

The new store is open for business!

At this moment, anyone interested can now access the new storefront, with its collection of Unplugged and Tasca products. As July burns away in the heat of summer, the Lumenique main site, and the storefront will be released and updated to include the real work I have been engaged in for 6 months now, the launch of unique lighted works.

Happy 4th everyone!

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