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In coming weeks, I will be rolling out my the latest creations through Lumenique. The following is an insight into what is to come, and its origins. As I get closer to a full launch, I will issue updates and further insights. I am excited at this new phase of Lumenique’s existence. What is coming is closer to my core passions and intent for the company, now studio, than it has ever been.


My passion is making things, particularly artistic things that incorporate light sources. I believe that portable lighting offers the opportunity to integrate art and light into our environment. Functioning as a source of ambient or task use, or both, while adding to the character of an environment. While this can be approached as an industrial design exercise to come to the products of Artimede or Ron Rezek (now part of Artimede) – I am much more a fan of the products of Ingo Maurer or Frank Buchwald, which are much more about the art of their design, than their hardware industrial design/functionality and meeting a price or mass market metric. All of my portable lighting work has followed this art-first path, as can be found in the offerings now shown on the Lumenique web site..

In 1987, I was toying with the idea of making and selling portable lighted art, inspired by the aforementioned Ingo Maurer. The company “Lumenique” (lumen+unique, for art and light) was created at that time with an idea to one day have my own gallery, focused on my works as well as others of similar qualities. To this end, I placed a few pieces in an Art Gallery for sale, with one particularly complete in both quality and general representation of my intent. That piece sold immediately. It was called “Pulley“, and can be seen on the Lumenique Archive Page. I did not pursue this as I’d hoped, as our Lighting Design Consulting work was demanding most of my time. I did occasionally create a special piece for customers and their homes, as a thank-you. My interest in design and artistic expression did, however, lead to working for Winona Lighting, then Visa Lighting, as their Design executives, where, over a period of 12 years combined, led to over 150 custom fixtures and 280 standard product designs, many still being marketed today. During that time, I continued to make portable lighting for my personal use. Yet, these were never dear to me (with the exception of the Metro Series at Winona), they were industrial designs completed to be sold in the commercial market.

As many are aware, in 2010, I presented 53 designs and SSL products in 52 weeks, with no intention to sell the products, and every intention of avoiding presenting products that would reveal work I was doing for customers, or to compete with potential and existing customers. Based on my passion for portable lighting (most all of my personal spaces are lighted with portable products I have made), I used that as the foundation for the products I applied the various SSL technologies to. About a third of the 53 products were sold outright, a third I am using in my personal spaces, and the remaining third were either done for customer accounts during the year, or traded to participating manufacturers for materials or parts I used for new weekly design entries.

At the end of 2010, I seriously considered focusing on artistic portable lighting, but, like in 1987, was so busy with consulting projects, allowed daily business to take priority. My partner, Angie, did attempt to dissuade me from this path, to focus on what I was passionate about. While I did not follow her lead, eventually taking another executive position in 2019. The familiar, sure thing of income in hand took my eye off the ball, again.

The Day the Earth Moved – November 2020

In November 2020, I decided it was time to wake up and shift my focus toward my true passion for Lighted Art. This meant leaving a very well paid executive position, with no real solid business plan in place. But, it came down to getting older, and realizing that if I were ever to pursue art as my primary interest, waiting any longer was just not an option.

Preparation for 2021 Launch of the New and True Lumenique

Since November of 2020, I have been working on the creation of completely new sculptural works, using OLEDWORKS light sources as a base. I find that OLEDs offer me a great combination of simplicity and long life, attractive light in both appearance and emission (and lack of need for heat sinks and optics), that allows me to focus on the forms and sculptural qualities. In that time, I have also been formulating my plans forward pursuing sculptural art portable lighting. The following is my foundation for offerings going forward.

My work is to be focused on people and design professionals:

  • … looking for lighted functional portable art objects
  • … who want a custom made art made on commission to their desired specifications
  • … who are seeking custom artistic lighting objects to accent, highlight, or enforce a design theme of a given environment

I am uniquely qualified to serve these wants and needs, with a strong background and experience in both the technology of light and its application, and creation of artistic works using a wide range of new and old technology media.

May 3, 2021

The target date for presenting a series of works in various scales, and themes, is May 3, 2021. This date is significant as my birthday, on which this new life will be born, finally, after too many years of being set aside as a secondary interest. I have 15 pieces work in process, and more being developed.

Between now and May 3, I hope those reading this will take a moment to visit the web site and the archive included there. You will see the transformation of my work over the years their. The new works are step further forward, using new creation techniques, and light sources.

I hope everyone reading this will keep me in their thoughts, and come along for the adventure as well!

  1. Lee Kirby says:

    Onward Kevin! Ever onward! I have enjoyed knowing you and following your work for some 20-odd years now. Happy to continue following along!

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