Lumenique Website Update

The Lumenique web site has now been updated to reflect the movement to photography as its primary pursuit. The new site is photo rich and includes details about products and services.

If you have time, take a moment to take a look!

Most new blog posts are being put out on kwillmorthphoto for those interested. There will not be any photography posts made on this blog site going forward.


Fade to Black – Update

Having retired from the lighting industry to focus on Photography, this blog has become redundant. Launched in 2008 to explore the topic of emerging solid state lighting technology, which was highlighted in 2010 with the 52 in 52 effort (now 13 years in the rear view mirror.) Over 15 years, this blog has covered lighting technology from my unique perspective, exploring the emergence of LEDs and SSL as it changed the marketplace and products related, as well as product development topics, 3D Printing, and other peripheral topics that came to me along the journey forward.

Since retiring from lighting, my focus has been on the pursuit of automotive and motorcycle photography – obviously irrelevant to the purpose of this blog. Pursuant to these changes, the following are under way:

Lumenique LLC and its web site will continue as the studio for my photography work, which is primarily local to the Chicago area at this time.

Further, I have discontinued creation of lighted art, so the Lumenique Shopify storefront is closed. However, Remaining art inventory and redundant equipment has been moved to the Lumenique site store page.

Finally, on September 1, 2023, this blog site will go dark and the content will be removed, as I have no intention of continuing to pay for its existence, add to it, or pursue lighting topics relevant to its existence.



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If you find any of the content here of interest, I suggest you download it now, or contact me for copies of materials presented.

Use the contact form below to send a message or inquiry directly to me.

I wish everyone in the Lighting Industry my very best. I enjoyed a long and interesting career there.

Best regards,

Kevin Willmorth

Stratasys F370 3D Printer for Sale – Special Offer NOW!

Due to changes in business activity, I find I have redundant equipment available for sale. In this case a 3D printer that has far more capability than I need for the work I am asking of it.

This is a Stratasys F370 FDM Printer. First put in service in March 2020, but used infrequently due to a shift in business focus.

This package offers (not to be separated) the printer, accessory print heads to print PLA (with cooling module included), ABS, PC/ABS, ASA, and flexible TPU materials. This printer can also print the latest ABS/Carbon Fiber material, when the appropriate print head is purchased (not included).

Operates from a standard 120VAC 15A outlet, requiring no special ventilation or other accommodation. Machine makes no noise when idling, and very little when operating, so can be placed in an office environment. This is a very friendly, hyper reliable, flexible use commercial level machine – top of the line for tool holding and fixturing, model making, prototyping, and small production runs. Very easy to learn, extremely reliable printing, high quality end products using a variety of materials from elastomers to rigid plastics. Support material can be removed with soluble support clean station (included) or manually by breaking away.

The machine has been serviced and under constant contract with annual PM completed on schedule. It has been operated in a temperature and humidity controlled environment since new. Package includes soluble support removal tank, and a selection of materials. Everything included works perfectly and is ready to put into service immediately.

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Lumenique Turns 25

Signs of aging – taking inventory of things.

The main Lumenique.com web site has been live since 1997, making it 25 years old. The name itself is another decade older.

While Lumenique has always had its roots in lighting, it took a left turn in the late 1990’s into some automotive interests, as well as a few art moments, while I was engaged with lighting companies doing design or marketing (Visa and Kim). When that period ended it returned to represent my Consulting business starting in 2006, with the addition of artworks created that incorporated light (and some that didn’t, as well as some graphics work, etc.). The transition to art interests was made in 2020, and will continue there for the foreseeable future, with growing content on photography as that work evolves.

A nostalgic look at an approach on the main site. I call this the lime green era.
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From Applying Light to Recording It

I have retired from lighting application, product design, engineering and marketing as of 2020. I enjoyed a great career that spanned 41 years, from lighting application to product design, through marketing. My experiences have included virtually every aspect of the industry, providing me many opportunities to learn and grow. The application of light – placing it in spaces – to creating products that emit it, has been my passion and focus. This included investing in the development of 3D printer uses in lighting products, which culminated with my presentation at Lightfair 2022 on 3D printing in lighting products.

Designed the lighting, designed the products, photographed the results.
An Organic Career Track

I believe in organic career development. If what you do makes you happy and attracts paying customers – it’s a win. If what you do is enjoyable, but is not creating income, it’s a hobby. If it’s hard work and not completely fulfilling, while producing no revenue – it’s a waste of time. For decades, lighting was both satisfying and attracting customers and employer interest – so I stayed the course. This led to a wonderful exploration of the industry from multiple perspectives that few have experienced. Unfortunately, in contemporary business think, this diversity, entrepreneurship, and length of time in service becomes a liability. Unable to find a good match between my passions in the business with customers or employers, I decided it was time for a change.

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It Is Time for Lighting to Become a Licensed Profession

There are a few folks who are going to hate this post, and I sympathize with them. But, it’s time we stop skirting around what we all know. Lighting needs to be elevated as a profession, and I believe licensure is key to that.

Professional Licensure is a Necessity for Credibility

Architecture, Structural, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering are licensed professionals, as these practices have the potential for causing harm to human occupants, the environment, and their clients. These professions operate under the guidance and direction of code authorities, and best practices, which establish the foundation for safety, security, and asset protection.

General contractors, and most sub contractors are licenced practitioners. All must pass qualifications of time (including apprenticeship) and academic knowledge.

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Circadian Light – Is it Reality or a Manifestation of Cognitive Bias?

The Lighting Industry suffers chronically from the ‘Law of the Instrument’ – a form of cognitive bias:

If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail.

Abraham Maslow
To Illustrate
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The Village Inspired by Santa Fe and a Drive in the Spanish Countryside

To me, New Mexico architecture is personified by the pueblo and Santa Fe style. I am also attracted to spanish country villages, with their all white exteriors, and collection of forms clustered with minimal formal organization.

Spanish Country Village

On a trip to Spain, we rented a sports car to drive the roads that wind through the hills of the countryside. On this tour, I was stuck by the cleanliness and simplicity of the dozens of small white villages settled into the hill sides and valleys.

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