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Posted: November 14, 2018 in Light Cure
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Update on the timer search:

While the response from the call-out here did not return anything from the lurking electronics gurus of the inter-webs, I was able to find a supplier here in the USA (Kentucky) able to make exactly what I needed. The company is called Curious Technology, and the individual that came up with the solution is Greg Cunningham.


The Timer

Greg delivered a working prototype in two days and a quote for additional copies within a few hours of my reviewing and approving the sample. The costs did not include any tooling or engineering fees, or minimum order quantities, so I could not be happier.

Other details: Greg was able to eliminate the original requirement for a battery, as the timer has no need for an internal power to keep its programming. In this hyper quick process, I also changed the display from LCD to LED. It fits the application and the lighted display will be easier to see, so that was a good revision to the original spec.


The timer’s location on the final product design. First article now being printed. The timer is activated by the light trigger switch, and counts up the number of seconds of exposure, for a ready reference by the operator.

Thanks to Greg at Curious Technology! If only all our problems and needs could be solved this quickly, from a domestic supplier no less.

There will be more work sent his way, as we work through other versions of this product.

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