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Follow your passion and success will follow you

I find these “inspirational” vivications irritating and shallow. At the risk of being pedantic, allow me to explain.

In this case, the words evoke images of everyone loving what they do, and succeeding for it – with the inference of success pointing  to fame and fortune. Certainly, if you look at successful people in the public eye; actors, musicians, athletes, motor sports champions, internet and social media innovators, software developers, wealthy investors, etc…, they (more…)




Money does not buy happiness.

We’ve heard it before, and it is a compelling sentiment. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to assume that the basic needs of sustenance, shelter, security and comfort are a given. These cost money. Without food, protection from the elements, security from harm, and a modest degree of comfort, even a basic level of happiness is not possible. We live in a world (more…)


The ubiquitous Dazor Desk lamp. There has to be millions of these still in use. But, there is only one that can do what this one does!

Task lighting is a passion, so that means gathering my share of collected old-timer fixtures that are iconic, or representations of a product that is familiar and comfortable. In this case it is the Dazor desk lamp. I have these in drafting board mount, and have made on floor lamp from a similar foundation. I don’t use fluorescent tubes in any of them, and (more…)

thumb-meterFor those who attend my presentation on Metering and Meter use at the LED Specifier Summit this Tuesday (9:00AM) here is the related reference information and a copy of handouts for the presentation. Let me know what you think and post your comments or questions here. If you have any questions or wish to discuss this presentation or have a metering issue you’d like some help with, let me know.

Here is a copy of the presentation handout here: LED Spec Summit KLW Meter Presentation

The following are a summary of the links to the meter files content referred to in the presentation:

Meter Review

Flicker Wheel

Flicker Meter Review

LQC Classification Article

LQC Workbook

Color Viewer


On a Personal Note

Posted: November 10, 2016 in General Commentary

My trusted and most valued tool – a resto-modded 1967 South Bend tool room lathe with all the fixings

My joy in life is in making things. In this, there is rarely a day that passes where I am not building something or tinkering a gadget together. Yesterday it was  drill fixture to aid a co-worker in drilling 30 brackets in less than a half hour, while protecting fingers from the part jumping around. It was 20 minutes a work and a few scraps of metal, job done – smile on face. Otherwise, it’s a light fixture for the conference table, a test rig for a cure light, a finger brace for a kids broken finger, an adapter to convert an old fluorescent task light to a UV cure light/500Fc detail work light combination. (more…)

15339-11575-151222-ceiling-3-lIn September, Elizabeth Donoff or Architectural Lighting wrote an Op Ed titled “Who “Owns” Lighting Design?”. It was a well written exploration of the topic. She pointed to one specific example, a ceiling that Apple now uses in its retail outlets, which it has patented extensively. She uses this as a case for questioning where the line of authorship and/or ownership of a technical solution is, and who owns the end product. the ultimate question is of who owns authorship?  I get the point, and have been confronted with it my entire (more…)

warrantyThere is a great deal of noise in the SSL market on the topic of warranty coverage. The usual lighting industry one year warranty has been determined as obsolete as the glass bulbs they housed, with new demand now for coverage of LED products of 5 years, 7 years, even 10 years. The lofty demand is founded on the concept that if the LEDs are indeed going to last 50,000, 70,000 or even 100,000 hours (13 to 26 years in heavy commercial use), then why not back that up with a warranty that reflects that performance claim? This is further supported by the reasoning that such a warranty can be used to justify the added expense of LED products. All seems reasonable enough, and there are certainly producers out there willing to deliver warranties with extended coverage.

The question is, are these real warranties, or just paper claims? Perhaps more important, are the demand for this type of warranty coverage even rational? (more…)