10 Years of SSL Focus – But Who’s Counting

Posted: June 7, 2016 in General Commentary

June and July are not only the first nice days of the year, they mark several milestones for me. First, its’ the 10th year of Lumenique LLC being focused exclusively on solid-state lighting – marking the point at which I left my last position as VP of Marketing and Design at Visa Lighting in 2006 to focus on all things solid-state as a solo act. Prior to that, Lumenique has been many things, from hobby presence and sculpture studio, to lighting consulting side business. This last decade is its first as a focused entity and source of real income. 6 years ago, I launched a task lighting product line, under the name Tasca. I am a serious task light advocate, and build Tasca products for the tougher applications, like shop machines and Navy ship bridge and map tasks. Most of the products we make at Tasca are custom to a specific requirement, either mounting or light characteristics. This will be a greater focus in coming years, as there are many opportunities in task and work lighting I’ve found interesting.

It’s hard to believe that its been 6 years since the 52 in 52 project. I don’t post here as frequently as I did back then, not from a lack of interest – I just get wrapped up in what we’re doing day by day and find that times slips past.

Lumenique continues to focus on providing specialty product design and development, prototyping, and experimental approaches. Over the years we’ve moved toward making more things over selling time, but still have several consulting customers at any given moment. It’s a diverse business that has only become more diverse over the years, which makes life most interesting. Angie joined the fray three years ago, and is growing her capabilities in product making, research, and general backup. The company is our focus now, and we enjoy working on it together.

This also marks the 10th year of Architectural SSL magazine, a publication from Construction Business Media, who also publishes Architectural products and now NZB magazines. I am honored to be counted as one of the team, they are a great group of people that produce the highest quality publications in lighting and building markets. We were the first publication to focus on architectural solid-state lighting, and I believe remain a unique voice in the market, while providing exposure of the expanding array of products coming to this market.

2016 also marks the opening of our new facility, where we have room to work and expand our capacity to serve customers of products and services alike. In just six months, we’ve already been hired for contract production and assembly, and are on the verge of introducing a couple of specialty solid-state products for uses outside lighting itself. Business is good, but as anyone who owns their own gig will tell you, it can always be better. We’re constantly exploring new ideas.

So, in the last 10 years, there have been many players in this business come and go. We’ve seen the solid-state market grow from silly low-performing, over-promised toys to the robust performance products of today. It’s an exciting industry, with much more coming!

Thanks to everyone who’ve sent us anniversary congratulation notes.

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