New Facilities and Expanding Capabilities to Serve

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Facilities

Lumenique started life as an artistic outlet for me as a lighting design consultant back in the late 1980’s. It has evolved and been transformed several times, with small offerings of products from stress bars for BMW cars, to lighting TCO calculator spreadsheets. In 2006, Lumenique become my full time business and home focusing exclusively on solid-state lighting. When I mean home, I mean that literally. Since then, it has grown to absorb so much space, the line between business and living spaces have become muddled. Further, we’ve run out of space for works in process. This has created a significant bottleneck in operations, where we have been limited to just one project at a time, simply because there was no room to accommodate more. This is a bit ridiculous, as that means not only have we extended the time to complete projects, equipment we have accumulated to serve customers often sits idle, while other projects are cleared to make room. Further, space limitations kept us from pursuing projects that were of any scale larger than a few units at a time, or of small scale, as we had no space to assemble, pack and complete the work beyond that scale.

To resolve these issues, Lumenique and Tasca (solid-state work lighting) are moving into a new facility that will very shortly become the base for all of our business activities. The new space includes proper offices, conference/training, and production spaces. And, most of all, we will have ample working space to allow us to engage in numerous projects in parallel, to reduce production cycle time and increase capacity to serve new customer demand. There is even a secure customer storage room to conceal sensitive projects, and storage space to hold inventories of raw materials to allow us to reduce delays in project initiation waiting for raw materials to arrive. This will also allow us to increase the scale of projects we can engage in, in both quantity as well as physical scale. The new facility is also located in an area surrounded by electrical and electronics suppliers and vendors, and material processing vendors (water jet, laser, plastics forming, etc), expanding capabilities beyond our in-house capabilities.

In the next few weeks, I will post more on the new facilities. We’re completing detailing and the myriad of tasks involved, from making electrical connections to moving equipment, now. There are also going to be several interesting projects for converting the shops existing conventional lighting to solid-state, where we are going to exercise our creative muscles in creating and adapting products to make the space a showcase of ideas for bringing lighting product and application forward with solid-state technologies, from light sources to controls.

Stay tuned for more details to follow on this exciting move!

Sneak Preview - We are located in the first unit (left end) end unit shown here. More to come!

Sneak Preview – We now occupy the first unit shown here (end unit with all the windows). More to come!

  1. Don Brandt says:

    Congrats Kevin, any chance you will be adding head count to your new facility? Glad to see your growing.

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