Clearing a Bit of Confusion

Posted: August 12, 2013 in General Commentary
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It appears there is some confusion over what I do for customers, and who I compete with. While I’ve not helped anything by announcing that we make products now under the Tasca name, I’ve recieved some odd feedback that indicates that there are suppliers out there who think I am competing with my own customers – which is patently false. So, to set things straight, her’s what’s going on:

1.) Lumenique is first and foremost a design resource to lighting and electronics product producers. We now provide design, prototyping, preliminary testing, market and product research, and application evaluations. With the addition of Angie, who focuses on research, data acquisition and evaluation, as well as all around coordination with customer activities, we have a greater capacity to provide the up-front research and development work than ever. The underlying goal for Lumenique is to act as an auxiliary team resource to fill gaps in our customer’s own capacities, as they grow and evolve into offering their own solid-state lighting product range. As our customers grow their own capacity, we evolve into a support role, and eventually advisory role. Frequently we continue in new product development capacities, providing working samples, concept proofing, or simple preliminary mock-up testing. We also provide very limited lighting design services, mainly focused on the blending of attaining high degrees of energy efficiency in high quality lighting application. We no longer provide general lighting design consulting services to the market at large.

2.) As a writer, I provide editorial content to trade publications, as well as present on the topic of SSL. I also provide lighting educational briefs for newcomers to the lighting market, as well as production of white paper studies on various lighting and non-lighting topics.

3.) Tasca is a very small, specifically focused task light product manufacturer. It produces a limited production, made to order, solid-state work environment task light. This company does not compete with any of our customers, by its very design and market focus. We do not make or intend to make architectural lighting products, or products sold as general lighting into the commercial or residential markets. We avoid all conflicts of interest by simply steering our own desire to produce products into the work light space, where we can satisfy our interest in delivering high performance task lighting – a pursuit I have had interest in long before LEDs were even used for white light.

4.) As a sculptor and artist, I also produce one-off portable lighting sculptures. Many of these were seen in the 52 in 52 works of 2010. This is an interest of mine that utilizes the facilities accumulated to serve Lumenique customers in ways that are not competitive. These products are marketed independently of Lumenique for the most part, and are often nothing more than works in process until I feel they are ready to be moved to a new home, or just put them into service here at home.

I find it necessary to provide this clarification for those whom we work with in serving our primary customers. When we find a vendor reluctant to share information or pricing with us because of a false impression that we are somehow acting in a dishonorable manner by gathering information about our own customers, I am not only offended, but hindered from providing the services I am commissioned to provide in a timely manner. Further, as a result of this interaction (or lack of) I place those vendors on our own no-call list for future work with other customers, and for any future consideration in custom or Tasca project work. This industry is encumbered enough by slow sales response, poor communications, and odd unverified assumptions, we have to work around and avoid any of these in order to deliver what our customers expect in a timely manner.

I admit that we have cast a wide net by pursuing many channels in which to participate. But, as we focus mainly on small and entry level entities as our main customers, we rarely realize large volumes of business from any single customer. This demands we serve a wider customer base. Further, as I am in business to enjoy myself by delivering a unique value, I also seek opportunities in a diverse arena of opportunities. This keeps business and creative processes fresh and feeds new experiences into the process that would not be realized by a more restrained approach. I believe this is good for both my customers and me as a design professional.

That all said, if anyone ever has a question regarding what we do, who we are competing with, or concerns over any perceived conflicts of interest, just drop us a line or call. We’re more than willing and completely open about our operations, and will do everything practical to resolve issues that might arise. So, rather than assuming, get hold of us and let us see if we can clear any reservations up before opportunities are lost necessarily.

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