Tasca to Launch at ArchLED’11

Posted: October 20, 2011 in New Venture
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The Preview 

At ArchLED11, held in Chicago November 9-10, TASCA will be revealed publicly for the first time.

TASCA is a lighting professional based product focused on hard service task lighting. This is not the decorative foo-fah, designer pretty stuff that intends first to please the eye with elegant line and sexy physical execution of artistic design that just happens to put out a little light to justify their existence. Tasca focuses first on delivering high quality light on the task and work surface, of a color and level to improve visual performance. Unlike low power light emitting decorations, the smallest Tasca products delivers 210 Fc at a distance of 18″, lighting an area of 36″+ in a smooth light pattern free of harsh shadows. We deliver a unified single light source presence to eliminate the multi-dot dazzle and fun-house shadowing created by the typical multiple LED arrays found in lesser lighting products. Tasca optics control brightness to avoid discomfort glare, while delivering the efficiency, instant on, flicker free, low heat, high quality  light of solid-state technology that no conventional light source can hope to compete with, in a hard service package designed to withstand hard use for decades. Tasca intends to participate in putting an end to the era of inefficient heat of halogen and slow starting flicker and poor intensity of CFL work lighting.

There will be three executions of Tasca presented at the show:

TASCA UNO is the core product line, offering flexible goose-neck arms in a wide range of lengths and mechanical arm mounting, as well as direct mount, magnetic base mount, stand and bracket mounts. Uno offers customization of configurations to suit the exact mounting configuration needed to satisfy application needs. We’ll do customs as small as one-of requests to complete facility systems. Tasca Uno is designed as a modular system of light head, mounting arm and mount, allowing the customer to put the light where they need it with precision, rather than force a standard fits-all solution.

TASCA RENOVAR is industrial recycling at its best. We capture used mounting arms from classic task lights, like those from Swivelier and Dazor; vintage industrial products from South Bend and others that have been used for decades with incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent heads; and cherished favorites brought to us by customers. We renovate the arms, refinish them, and refit them to include the Tasca lighting head. The finished products deliver the best of all worlds. Recycling of components rather than disposal by integration of the latest LED technology, to deliver significantly improved lighting performance. Tasca Renovar will produce more than twice the illuminance at less than 1/3 the energy of any conventional light source.

TASCA ACCENT is a blend of Tasca lighting heads with more decorative finishes and mounting details. These can be founded on recycled components, or they can be completely custom to suit a specific desire. Tasca Accent is for those installations where there is a need for a little more focus on aesthetics is desired, without compromising lighting performance.

Tasca products are made in the USA, built to customer order. We are not a warehouse operation focused on shoving inventories purchased overseas into the market in volume. Our strength is in our ability to build a product that is specifically tailored to the needs of the customer. Tasca products utilize Bridgelux LEDs, and nothing but the highest quality modular electronic components available. The modular construction allows any potential failed component to be replaced independently producing decades of useful service. Tasca products are also rebuildable by returning them to the factory for quick turn around of refitting and renovation. We can even re-purpose products by refitting mounting components should application needs change.

For those in need of application assistance, we are here to serve. We can help in laying out a lighting strategy, application of task as well as general ambient illumination, to the design and  manufacturing of the mounting hardware required to execute a complete high productivity lighted environment. Our foundation is built on lighting design experience first, with a long history of interest in task level illumination. We are passionate about work lighting like none other in the solid-state lighting space.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Tasca.

We will have 11 fixtures on display at ArchLED, booth #204. I will also be presenting a couple times and assisting with the show MC duties, so will not be hard to find.

Hope to see you there!

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