Tasca – The Birth of a New Company

Posted: May 23, 2011 in New Venture
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My absence for a few months here is the result of time taken to organize, expand operations at Lumenique, complete customer projects, and to put the final pieces together for an all new company – Tasca.  Over the last few years, I have sought to find a small place for myself as a product manufacturer within lighting, specifically in producing SSL products that deliver new value. After considerable effort and more than a years exploration, I have finally found what I was looking for. Here are the specific qualifiers I used:

  • Product must put LED light sources into service to deliver a value that is superior to other light sources – beyond simple energy savings
  • Product must capitalize on low heat, instant on, good optical control, lack of flicker, endurance to shock and vibration
  • Product application must be demanding and serve a need where lighting is important to the end use customer
  • Product line must deliver value at a reasonable price
  • Product line must include capabilities and new lighting effects that cannot be matched with conventional sources
  • Product line to be made to order, with significant domestic content
  • Product line is to be configurable to suit end use customer needs
  • Company focus must be outside the commodity mainstream and large corporate entity immediate interest at the time of initial launch
  • Company must be scalable, with controlled investment requirements, utilizing available technologies without over-investment in R&D for all new technology
  • Company must be profitable
All this said, I have a few specific personal interests, which should be obvious for anyone who’s followed the 52 in 52 project. While those products were unconstrained by marketability of any specific design, Tasca will offer only market ready, functional products for sale. However, there will be more than a few of the following components included in the products released within Tasca:
  • Industrial aesthetic
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Ease of use
  • Long service life with end-of-life rebuilding
  • Consultive sales assistance
  • Highly configurable and flexible for application in a wide range of uses
The name “Tasca” is revealing, and an indication of the companies focus, which is more than I will reveal at this moment. The first tooled component arrives this week, which will initiate the production of the first products in final form. Photometric testing has already been accomplished using prototypes, as has the initiation of cataloging, and the first stages in creating a new web site.
Want to know more? Stay tuned. I’d love to spill the beans now, but I need some more time to finish the product line and prep for its launch. Sharing too much now, in a market filled with knock offs and rip offs, is just not prudent. More will be released when its time!
  1. SSLPro/ Dennis M says:


    Congratulations on the launch, I’m sure Tasca will be a resounding success!
    Which begs the question-

    Are you looking for quality zealots to add to your business?

  2. Blake Lange says:

    Congrats- Interested in learning more

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