This is by far the easiest design so far. No soldering, no separate power supply and driver to combine. Dimming can be done with a wall box control, so the product is clean if knobs. With only 4 watts involved, the internal backplate does the job for a heat sink. This was simply a matter of taking an off-shelf piece of Spanish glass, making a holder and backing plate with trim, add a little mounting box to hide the transformer, and snap it together.

This is an AC LED product, using LynkLabs sconce module. The module has Tyco wire trap connectors, which make wiring as simple as strip and push. In this case, the output from the LynkLabs Brite Driver is wired directly to the strip. I used a cord to connect the sconce to an outlet, since I don’t have any wall boxes handy.

A nice, simple wall sconce that was easier to build than a CFL sconce, and uses considerably less power, and looks very nice on the wall. Not bad for less than 9 hours work, no? If all of the designs so far had been this easy, I would be thrilled.

  1. Howard Wolfman says:


  2. SSLPro says:

    An artistic functional design coupled with an outstanding SSL product-
    I’m a zealous advocate of the use of Ac/leds and Marty and the good folks at
    Lynk Labs have a heckuva product line.Great synergy of stlye and substance!
    I was wondering if an article on the merits of the use of Ac/Led has been written,or
    will be penned soon?
    I sense you can discern why Dc Driven/ burdened Leds are the equivalent of
    a brick phone in our smart phone world!

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