For those in the business, LEDs can at times drive one from ones skull. This thought inspired this design – a physical representation of LEDs being driven from a skull. To represent how resistance is not only futile, but will be incorporated, I utilized resisters in the drive circuit, exposed at the rear of the skull. These balance the fV of the upper white Cree MCE LED with the lower (3) red Rebel LEDs, driving from a single constant current power supply. When dimmed, the result is the white (higher fV) dims down first, then the red after the white is off. producing a unique effect from a single control.

As a point of reference, this is not the first expression of this type. I like the subtle twist of phrase that can present a new visual result. For example (see images below), Alien Landings are a part of our pop culture… but what happens if they forget their parachute? Or, Butter Fly collections have been put together for centuries, macabre little collections of insects with pins through their bodies… why not collect Bar Flies then, very colorful and strange, with pins through their chests? The term “Gearhead” has been used to describe auto enthusiasts, but what might one actually look like? How about a portrait of Tim O’LEARee? Occasionally these strange but humorous thoughts inspire a work of expression. I also like 3D in art, even if it is hung on the wall.

The skull seemed appropriate topically, as well as timely, since this is October, with Halloween coming just ’round the corner.

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