Okay, so this is another toy like the ray gun. Adults like toys too, right? This one is inspired by my interest in formula car racing, and a term rattling around in my head “light engine” I decided it was time to put the two together here. In fact, this puppy has three light engines. Conceptually, the light thrusting toward to rear is intended to evoke the air disturbance you see behind F1 cars when the track is wet, only using light so one can avoid having wet carpets and drapes.

The wheels turn, although that is hardly a useful feature here. The centerless wheel design is an idea I am playing with for a remote control toy that will have steering and will roll under power, but that’s a whole ‘nuther project.

So, while this is hardly a commercial light fixture, it is a lot of fun to look at, and the lighting effect does work, while putting a blast of light on the wall behind.

  1. Wow, Kevin, this car is so cool. I love the way the light spits out the back of it. Very clean and modern.

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