With an exhaustive investment of over a week of extensive design and research, the result is this portable “Photon Emission Pistol”. This small but powerful weapon blasts away  intruding darkness utilizing the latest indium gallium nitride diodic, Ytrium Aluminum Garnet phosphor semi-conductor based electron to photon conversion technology. Directing the flux generated by two hyper efficient converters are twin optical reflecto-columnators, mounted to processed bauxite thermal conductors, surrounded by bright red faux ray dissipation rings. The result is maximized dark obliteration from each electron employed, delivering low power cell drain while creating the greatest effect. The extensive use of extrusion deposition processing to form Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene materials delivers high mechanical strength, low specific mass, protection of the user against direct electron excitation, and a quite comfy grip. The hair trigger initiator mechanism is ergonomically located for comfort when employed for extended firing periods. Rotational manipulation of the large indexed user interface at the base throttles current to the photon emitters, providing a range of balance between optimizing dark destruction and longevity of the integral power source. Two 9 volt lithium ion electron energy storage cells with the potential of over 2 amperes feeds a single high efficiency 1,000 mili-ampere current controller, delivering a flow of up to 500 mili-amperes to each of the flux emitters by fluctuating voltage to the pair. The superfluous cross-hair site provides unnecessary precision in aiming, while a snap-in base cover provides charge cell access, facilitating rapid replacement of power sources (available at any mercantile exchange center offering lithium ion long life power cells)  –  should dark remain after full depletion of stored electrons.  The combination of over-kill thermals and balanced current flow through the diodic electron/photon converters insures longest possible life.

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