For those who are new to LED technology, it all may seem like magic. The best way to learn more about this new light source is to play with it. Of course one might do this on a lighting project, but that really doesn’t put your hands on the stuff. With this in mind, I put together this really simple little collection of parts, matched up and ready to assemble. This kit includes three pre-soldered 3000k, 92CRI LEDs with enough wired attached to have some fun making a little art project. Also included is everything else you need, from thermal tape to Velcro attachment fuzzies. There is no need for tools, as everything snaps together. The optics are diffuse for use in lighting close up objects. There is even a dimmer control, a power supply, and 350mA driver all ready to go. Wiring splices are very easy to make using the provided connectors.

I’ve also created a set of instructions for assembling the kit that explains the components and how they relate to architectural lighting products you might encounter. The instructions are very simple to follow, mainly illustrations in step-by-step format, with the additional educational materials in side bars along the way.

I used one of the kits to light a shadow box that houses a silver flaked demon skull, with a little uplight on top. I hung the driver compartment under the box along with the dimmer, hidden behind a little valence panel, then taped the wires to the back of the display.

Explore LED technology first hand and create your own little art project. If you do and send me a photo of the result, I will add it to this blog entry with a description and your thoughts.

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