This design is an exercise in just how simple can a product be and still serve a useful purpose. I started with an 800lm Molex/Bridgelux Helieon module, a heat sink that Molex provided me to play with, and a simple line voltage to 1A driver.

The housing covers the driver slot provided in the heat sink, and simply snaps into place after the wiring is completed inside. The gear shape on the back of the housing sets into a simple cradle, allowing the head to be aimed in any of 7 angles, from directly horizontal to directly vertical, by just lifting the body and resetting it in the cradles at the desired angle.

By using the Helieon module, there are no solder connections, just three screws to mount the socket to the heat sink. Everything else is done without tools, including use of in line wire connectors that are twist locked into place rather than crimped. After the plastic parts were made, the whole assembly took just a couple minutes to put together and light up.

The deep snoot and module cover conceal the light source from all but direct front view, making this a nice little accent light to fill a corner, highlight an artwork, light up onto a plant or sculpture, or even provide a little indirect light in a dark corner space from a shelf. I use accents like this all the time in fine tuning spaces, rather than trying to build every lighting component into the building. I find this is more interesting and adds accents that can be moved with the furniture. This is especially useful in accent sculpture work that responds to up-lighting effect. Another place where uplight accent is nice is in the corners of intimate spaces like bedrooms and entertainment spaces, where filling a dark corner expands space and adds interest, where a dark corner contracts space and detracts from the general feeling of openness.

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