52 in 52 – Designt Twenty-two

Posted: June 11, 2010 in 52 in 52 for 2010
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Standing out in the crowd is not always easy. Boring card holders don’t help. We all know that light added to any display draws attention. So, here’s the ultimate, non boring, lighted LED card stand.

With (2) 3K 92CRI LEDs behind 50 degree optics, there is no lighting condition that this display won’t overpower. An integrated dimmer allows you to tone it down for the more subtle moments. The cradle is also large enough to be used as a post-it not stand, or print up a small greeting card and light it up for the special occasion.

In a restaurant a little stand like this could mark a reserved table, identify staff, or display a very special special. Versions of this using an integral battery would not be difficult to achieve, so the cord could disappear.

For me, I’ll be using this to set us apart at Necocon ArchLED10 this coming week, where we will have a few examples from the 52 in 52 project on display.

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