This design was created with the thought of placing a light/accent piece on a mantle, tall parsons or side table. It’s very narrow front to back, and its 20″ height is well suited to taller tables. The blades are solid copper and thermally connected to the main body, where an 800lm Bridgelux array provides enough light to add an indirect ambient contribution to the space. The Ledil 50 degree optic inside the head provides a smooth pattern, even at the edges, without color separation of striations, so placement close to a wall works well. There is a dimmer built into the base to control intensity of course.

Dragonfly (1993)

Some designs happen for a reason, some with a specific purpose and some from an ongoing pursuit of an idea that recurs in various forms and may never be fully satisfied. This is one of those that has elements I like to toy with, but have never found the ultimate issuance of it in final working form.

The first use of the flying blades in a previous design was in the Dragonfly (image to the right) several years ago, which now function as the heat sink for three LEDs in its remodeled head. These are also of copper, but much thinner. In fact the whole structure is a bit thin and susceptible to bending if not carefully handled.

The Design Twenty iteration of the blades element is pleasant and interesting, but still does not satisfy whatever it is that causes me to come back to the detail. I’ll likely have to come back to this again at some point.

In the meantime, this version is far more robust and considerably higher in light output, so does represent steps forward, which is often as important as any other result.

  1. Pat says:

    Kevin, I always appreciate how you are able to work the functional “into” the design.

    The blades as part of the heat sink (very cool). I also like how you’re able to share the evolution of an idea. Besides the 52 in 52 being about design, I really see it as very educational. Thanks!

  2. Milena Simeonova says:

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